– fake FBI email invented by frauds

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Beware of the email known as This is a method of tricking, scaring and fooling users, making them waste their money. This email doesn’t have anything to do with FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the US Department of Justice. Instead, this is a serious virus program categorized by us as ransomware, the application that hijacks the entire desktop of the infected computer and forces users to effect payment in favor of the crooks who developed it. So, be very careful when your PC is blocked by this ransomware application.

The virus that locks the desktop of the infected PC accuses users of committing various sorts of crimes, in particular, having to do with watching illegal content over the Internet, downloading and keeping illegal music samples on the computer. Users are being accused of violating various articles of the US legislation, but this is not a real FBI warning, in fact. Instead, this is the product launched by hackers for the sole purpose of ripping users off.

Depending on the version of this malware, hackers ask for various amounts of fine to be paid. This can vary from 100 to 200 USD, surely, this is quite a large amount of funds. Please never ever make such a serious mistake in your life. Instead of obeying the instructions of malware makers via MoneyPak voucher system you’d rather hurry up to remove this threat from your PC immediately. Hackers may ask you to send the voucher codes to, but doing so will only result in your money being wasted without any sense. So, the only logical solution is to remove this serious malware from your computer once and for all. You may do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer, by the way. Below please find the removal guide you need for this purpose.

Ransomware automatic remover:

Removal guides that will help you resolve this problem:

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