FedEx postal delivery virus prevention & removal

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These days another virus is being massively distributed via fake emails supposedly coming from the FedEx. These emails have nothing to do with FedEx; to the contrary, hackers have developed them specifically with the intention to bring malwares into computers that became vulnerable.

These bogus FedEx emails contain a false claim indicating that a postal delivery was attempted by FedEx but the user wasn’t home. The message then says that you have a receipt to download and then open so that you can go get your package. Some users by mistake actually open this attachment, thinking that they will find out this receipt number. Once they actually do this (extract the “receipt” and open it, the malware is actually implanted onto infected system.

So, be very careful with such suspicious and obviously fake emails that are extremely malicious. Do not trust the contents of them. Do not open any zip attachments like the ones referred to above. Instead, please scan your computer with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove all sorts of infections that are at the door of your machine.

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One thought on “FedEx postal delivery virus prevention & removal

  1. Hi, my laptop got attacked with this malware more than 1 month ago. I went through many discussions on the malware, and most of them say to install the malware removal software. However, from the time the malware was in, neither I was able to open any program including the browser nor am I able to install any program on to my laptop. Please do help me in this regards. I believe the only option I am left with is to format my hard disk. Still, I want to know if you can suggest some other solution as I have so much of important data on my laptop that I can’t manually take the backup as it will take so much of time

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