FBI virus and Metropolitan Police virus – the scariest malwares of 2012

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Much has been already written by us regarding these two ransomware applications – FBI Greendot MoneyPak scam and Metropolitan Police (Met Police) virus. Notwithstanding the above-said, it is never improper to tell more and more facts about these two malware twins, because many users all over the world are still being attacked with these infections. It is quite logical that FBI threat is spread more rapidly in the area of the United States of America, whereas the Metropolitan Police scam is predestined by hackers to attack the European region, primarily represented by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Nevertheless, other countries may also be attacked by these pests, this is why you should be in advance warned about these threats in order to have the proper weapon to resist them.

Met Police virus

What we should add, by the way, is that the decent and reputable law enforcement bodies of these countries have nothing to do with spreading this malware. Hackers use the good name of the police bodies in order to invent the scary name of their ransomware programs, even though, in fact, they aren’t associated with these organizations. So, you should stay calm when you’re facing the scary message allegedly coming from the police. This is not so.

The infection of ransomware type acts typically. First, it hijacks the desktop of the infected computer and replaces the entire background with its own, scary one. Users are being accused of committing various sorts of crimes, such as watching illegal information over the Internet, spreading and promoting it, and downloading and distributing illegally downloaded music and video samples without respect to the ownership rights. Thus, after the accusation being clearly expressed by hackers, the next step is when you’re actually forced by the crooks to pay the fake fine (penalty). The amount of this fine varies a lot, from 100$ to $200 (with same figures also expressed in GBP).

Important! The decent and reputable law enforcement bodies of the US and the UK have nothing to do with spreading these malwares!

United States Cyber Security virus

Keep in mind that paying these fines (forfeits) is not refundable. The crooks will never give your money back to you. Instead, by paying these fake fines you’ve just wasted your funds for nothing good. If you receive this scary message supposedly coming from the police you may immediately contact the true police and tell them about this fake message. You will find out the same thing – that this notice has nothing to do with them. Thus, knowing about this infection is of utmost importance to prevent making serious mistakes.

The final step is to get rid of the fake police warning. For this purpose you need to download and run the powerful security application that will detect the infected files and eliminate them all. We recommend that you try our recommended security software – GridinSoft Trojan Killer – for these purposes. Below please find the good guides that will assist you in threat prevention and removal.

Ransomware automatic remover:

Specific removal guides for a.m. ransomwares:

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