Fake Windows Security Alert and Online Protection scan

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Fake Online Protection process is imitated at present time on many computers attacked by viruses. While the users are browsing plenty of Web pages throughout the day they encounter many sites. Some of them turn out to be infected with Trojan horses engages in spreading malwares, rogue and fake security applications. The peculiarity of such Trojan virus promoters is they are often designed in such a manner that the user actually takes the direct part in the process of infecting his/her computer, without realizing this. Fake Windows Security Alert is the best example of this malware-spreading technique.

Fake Windows Security Alert
Fake Windows Security Alert

This misleading message appears on the infected computer just out-of-the blue, suddenly, without user’s expectations. Here is how this bogus Windows Security alert looks like in reality. It actually says this:
Windows Security Alert”
To help protect your computer, Windows Web Security have detected Trojans and ready to remove them. Spyware is software, which can gather information from user’s computer throughout Internet connection and send them to its creater. Gather information can be passwords, e-mail addresses and all that data, which is important for you.

We intentionally copied the contents of such messages in order to show you poor English grammar used while creating them. No doubt, with so many spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes this warning has nothing to do with Microsoft Company and its Windows products.

Here is another example of what this virus does once it gets inside of your system. After the users actually clicks “Remove all” button the fake Online Protection scan is initiated via browser interface, claiming to have detected plenty of viruses and malwares on user’s machine. Again, it is recommended for user to click “Start Protection” button he/she actually downloads certain driver which then takes the direct part in bringing other malware programs into the system.

Fake Online Protection
Fake Online Protection

Be aware of such fake Windows Security Alerts and Online Protection scans. Keep in mind that they are not in any way connected with Microsoft and Windows applications. They are the real viruses aimed to make your PC the victim of frauds. They have the intention of scaring you and prompting you into purchasing the malwares they later bring into your PC. In particular, we saw Security Shield rogue installed after these bogus system scans. So, be careful while surfing the Web. Make sure to check the sites as for their contents, avoid clicking suspicious links and downloading files from unsecure resources. Stay safe with us and use our product for virus removal.

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