Fake Windows Firewall you should beware of

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Right now there are many rogue security applications that claim to have the features of Windows Firewall. In fact, they occasionally replace legitimate security firewall programs integrated into Windows operating system. Users should be very careful in order to differentiate between these two totally opposite tools. How to distinct between legitimate and fake firewall? The answer is quite simple. The majority of viruses that claim to possess with the options of security firewalls finally bring users into the payment processing page that eventually tries to persuade them to effect the payment for the licensed version of some particular rogue software. Instead, the legitimate Windows security tools never actually prompt you into paying for anything, if only you purchased the licensed version of your operating system.

As you see, the only intention of such misleading notice is to make users scared. The detailed analysis of the rogue security program that gives such a bogus yet scary notice brought us to the right conclusion that this tool is a virus, this is why we devoted a specific post to this malware sample several days ago. We can name many other fake anti-viruses that have bogus firewalls built into their main executable. For example, fake anti-viruses from MultiRogue 2013 or name-changing rogue clans, in fact, substitute (replace) legitimate windows firewall with their own, fake and totally scary one, not able to detect real vulnerability threats or to fix (remove) infections. In order to remove them you need to use reliable anti-virus software recommended and reviewed in this blog.

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