Fake BBB email scam & fraud campaign is now on

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It has been noticed recently that hackers and online scammers use various tactics to reach their evil plots. They invent new methods of attacking users. Today they often use the good name of BBB (Better Business Bureau) as a way of scaring people. These fake BBB emails you might occasionally get are not associated with this well-known company in reality. Instead, they represent potential threat for your computer safety. The reason why this is so is because they contain misleading links that seem to be virus-free, but they, in fact, lead users to sites that hijack your computer and make it the landing place for various cyber infections. There are various ways how the infected PC may act after users click those links. The problems may be in the form of browser redirection and/or infiltration of viruses like ransomware or rogues. This is why users should be very careful when receiving such messages and avoid clicking the links contained in them (in spite of the instructions contained in such emails).

Typically, these fake Better Business Bureau emails are composed by people who aren’t good at English grammar and even spelling. Nevertheless, sometimes users don’t pay enough attention to this fact, and thus, upon clicking the malicious and misleading links, they get some serious virus that enters their system. Often the subject of these emails is the same that says BBB SBQ Form, whereas the message content instructs users to provide some additional information about their company via clicking the instructed link, but, as you already know, such link simply leads to some malicious site, instead of bbb.org (legitimate web address of Better Business Bureau). Be careful if you receive such unexpected notifications, do not follow the instructions contained in them but, instead, scan your computer with reliable anti-virus program to ensure your system is clean and free from other potentially dangerous pests.

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