Fake Advanced Security Center. How to remove

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The latest rogue anti-viruses that over several past months have been appearing on a regular basis (once a day) have one typical feature which is called Advanced Security Center. This is a fake one, no doubt. If you clearly have a look at the screenshot below you will see what we’re talking about. These bogus anti-viruses, upon successful installation, execute themselves without your consent with every system startup. Immediately, as you know from previous posts, the malware applications start arranging their fake system scans succeeded by the same bogus reports about various security problems supposedly detected by the hoaxes. These rogue anti-spywares represent themselves as Advanced Security Center for your system (so-called Windows Firewall, but this is a fake firewall, no doubt). Whether your system has been infected with this junkware or not, you still need to be warned about these misleading, scary and fraudulent programs that are developed by the pack of online hackers who want to earn money with unfair methods (by means promoting rogue programs all over the world).

With this information becoming quite clear, we hope that you will never become the victims of these criminals. If you mistakenly effected the payment for the so-called licensed version of one of the rogues that represent themselves as Advanced Security Center, please refer to your good bank immediately and dispute the charges made via your good bank of other payment processing institution. Consider the removal guide that is applicable to all latest one-day rogues. Remember to use reliable security software that can protect your system against cyber exposure in the future. If you have any troubles or problems deleting the latest rogues or any other security problems of your concern, please let us know immediately, we will always be at hand to assist you. The best way to contact us is via ticket customer support system.

Automatic remover of malwares masked as Advanced Security Center:

Removal sequence of steps:

  1. Through your browser window download Process Killer application (pkiller.exe). The download link is http://www.trojan-killer.net/download/pkiller.exe
  2. Save “pkiller.exe” to your Desktop and run it or run this program immediately.
  3. Once the malicious process of some particular malware has been disabled (terminated) shut down “pkiller.exe” (Process Killer).
  4. Through your browser window download GridinSoft Trojan Killer.
  5. Install, update and run anti-virus software (Trojan Killer).
  6. Remove all threats it detects during the scan.
  7. Reboot your PC and repeat the scan in the case of necessity.
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