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Repentant cybercriminal leaked tools of Iranian hackers in Telegram

In the middle of March 2019 hacker that is known as Lab Dookhtengan published in Telegram tools of Iranian APT34 group (aka Oilrig and HelixKitten) as well as information about hackers and their alleged supervisors from Ministry of Information and National Security of Iran.

Journalists of ZDNet communicated with Lab Dookhtegan and report that he confirms participation in DNSpionage campaign and was a member of APT34. sin embargo, he does not provide any evidence and can be by far not Iranian intelligence serviceman.

ZDNet argues that many Internet-security companies are investigating Lab Dookhtegan involvement. Authenticity of provided by him codes have already confirmed specialists from Chronicle that is cybersecurity department of Alphabet Holding.

APT34 in Telegram
Information from Lab Dookhtegan in the telegram

Aside from initial codes, Lab Dookhtegan also published in open access information about 66 APT34 victims that was stored on group’s governing server. Among other published data were also credentials for internal servers and users’ IP-addresses. Majorly this list includes companies and organizations from Middle East, Africa, South-East Asia and Europe. Two biggest companies that suffered from attacks are Etihad Airways and Emirates National Oil.

Lab Dookhtegan also leaked data about groups previous activity, including lists of IP-addresses and domains where group hosted web sells and other operational data.

Adicionalmente, anonymous exposer spent much time on doxing of Iranian Ministry of Information and National Security employees that participated in APT34 operations. For some officers Lab Dookhtegan created special PDF-folders with “dossiers” where he discloses their names, positions, attached pictures, números de teléfono, emails and links of their social media profiles. Journalists argue that it is difficult not to note Lab Dookhtegan’s negative stance towards these people as in this dossiers he calls them “merciless criminals”.

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Lab Dookhtegan list
Lab Dookhtegan list

In addition to abovementioned, in Telegram were published screenshots that demonstrate demolishing of APT34 control panels and full cleaning of group’s servers that allegedly was committed by Lab Dookhtegan.

Chronicle analysts suggest that now APT34 will have to change their instruments and it will take time to restore combat readiness.


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