Personal Shield Pro rogue. Cómo eliminar Personal Shield Pro falso antivirus

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  1. rohan dice:

    can you please send me activation code for personal shield pro..!!

  2. skupsie dice:

    you’;re awersome!! thanks a lot 😀

  3. varsa dice:

    i am having a problem while opening each and every file because of personal shield pro…;por favor ayuda.

  4. XTR dice:


    My one laptop mysteriously got “;Personal Sheild Pro”; on it. I was able to locate it in %appdata% but just before renaming it I treid to end process and it was unable to end. So i shutdown and hoped i can go into Safe Mode (Turned out that was the stupidest thing i ever did!!!) Any way now i can’;t even boot up. It stays at that curosor blinking when windows boots.
    Any help please, I don’;t want to loose any data!

  5. Andreas dice:

    Hello XTR,

    Try to make a bootable flash drive with LiveCD and run your system with the help of this device. Si lo hace, delete Personal Shield Pro and run you system in normal mode.
    If it does not work try another way:
    You need above-mentioned bootable flash drive with LiveCD and USB flash drive to transfer your data from your PC.
    If you have bought your laptop with software installed, there is a hot key should be in the instruction or some other way to restore the system.

  6. XTR dice:

    Thank You andreas, I will try that.

    I have downloaded Hiren Boot CD. I just need to access Dos\CMD mode.

  7. Andreas dice:

    Now you should choose your flash drive from hiren boot while booting laptop.

  8. joker dice:

    pls pomozte me to nejde pustit ani kdyz to prejmenuju jak chci

  9. Andreas dice:


    I’;m sorry but your request is not clear enough for us. You can write more precisely about your problem here:

    Y, por favor, write in English if you can.

  10. Rüdiger dice:

    Works fine! Gracias!!!

  11. Marjolein dice:


    Kan iemand mij de activeerings code geven? Of weet iemand hoe je die kan krijgen?

  12. Igor dice:

    The problem is that Personal Shield Pro (PSP) apparently blocks access to internet, and I just can’;t access ! Sin embargo, I’;ve managed to download this file on my android, then copied it to computer, but it didn’;t puesta en marcha. Then I renamed it, a window popped up saying that the process was terminated (which process exactly, I’;m not sure –; either explorer.exe or PSP). Sin embargo, the nasty PSP windows disappeared. Then I tried to download Troyan Killer but, otra vez, I had no internet connection! Por lo tanto, this just doesn’;t trabajo. When I restared PC, the same windows of PSP popped up. Could you please help me find a solution?

  13. lazos dice:

    καλησπερα που μπορω να βρω των κωδικο για να συνεχεισv το προγραμμα?και εξουδετεροσω των ιο shield pro

  14. Andreas dice:


    If you need the activation code for the trial version of the program, por favor, write here with the request:


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