En la utilidad que es por defecto instalado en ordenadores Dell encontrado grave vulnerabilidad

En la utilidad Dell SupportAssist, que sirve para la depuración, actualizaciones automáticas de los conductores de diagnóstico y se encuentra grave vulnerabilidad (CVE-2019-3719).

yot allows remotely perform a code with administrator’s privileges on Dell computers and laptops.

De acuerdo con las evaluaciones de los expertos, problema implica número significativo de dispositivos, como Dell SupportAssist instrument installed on all Dell’s PCs and laptops that are supplied with Windows (systems that are sold without OS are nor sensitive to vulnerability).

“When we think of Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in mass, we might think of vulnerabilities in the operating system, but another attack vector to consider is “What third-party software came with my PC?”, — warns cybersecurity researcher Bill Demirkapi that discovered a bug.

According to his words, in certain conditions CVE-2019-3719 opens opportunity to intercept control over vulnerable devices. Para hacerlo, intruders have only to lure the victim on the malware web-site that contains JavaScript which makes Dell SupportAssist download and start malware files on a system.

As instruments work with administrator’s rights, attacker will get full access to targeted device.

“When I was learning more about how Dell SupportAssist works, I intercepted different types of requests from Dell’s support site”, — said Bill Demirkapi.

As researcher explained, for having opportunity of remote code performing, intruder have to exercise ARP– and DNS- spoofing attacks on victim’s computer.

Demirkapi presents two possible scenarios: first suggest access to public Wi-Fi networks or large corporate networks, where at least one device can be used for ARP– and DNS– spoofing attacks while second scenario suggests compromising of local router and modification of DNS-traffic directly on the device.

Demirkapi published on GitHub PoC-code for exploitation of vulnerability and presented a video that demonstrates attack in action.

Dell company has already fixed vulnerability with launching of new Dell SupportAssist Versión, owners of vulnerable Dell devices are advised to install it as soon as possible.

Fuente: https://d4stiny.github.io

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