Disk Repair rogue. How to get rid of Disk Repair fake system optimizer

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  1. гоша says:

    спасибо за помощь! я наконец то вылечился от этой гадости

  2. lewisbd says:

    Disk Repair downloaded to my system on Dec 20. It gave me some type of warning related to a disk-write error and began to shut down my system. When I rebooted my laptop it would not load Windows. So I attached my hard drive as a slave to my desktop and ran several diagnostic utilities against it only to find that the HD was in good shape. On a good guess I repaired the Master Boot Record on my HD and my system was returned to normal–three days later. I’m still not sure why my Avast anti-virus application never saw this Trojan (until after I had isolated the files on a thumbdrive where it did recognize them as malware).

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