Disk Drive C is being deleted – new scam from SecureBit Technologies rogue

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If you have SecureBit Technologies rogue on your computer you will eventually have some unusual fake security warnings and bogus system error alerts. We’ve recently viewed a nice video performance at YouTube where one excellent rogue analyst had this scam on his test computer. As time went by, the scam appeared on his test machine, saying the following – Disk Drive C is being deleted. Obviously, this is a typical scam, and SecureBit Technologies is a pseudo fake AV, sort of a lame rogue software. The message about ‘Disk Drive C being deleted’ is surely funny to be observed by professional security analysts, yet it may indeed be scary for those users who don’t realize that SecureBit Technologies is a fake AV software.

Disk Drive C is being deleted

Anyway, the basic thing about SecureBit Technologies is to prompt users into buying its fake Tech Support. The reason why it is fake is because the program detects fake infections which aren’t even present on the machine. This is primarily done after the potential victim calls the toll-free number and report the fake problem (which he/she thinks is real). Then the guy with some Indian accent gets into the machine remotely via TeamViewer application and start performing some tricks to make users think their system is in danger. This is how the trick works, but some users believe that their PC is infected indeed. So, if you have SecureBit Technologies scam on your machine, please ignore its scary warnings and alerts, including this funny one about disk drive c being deleted, and remove this scam with the help of reliable security software.

Securebit Technologies removal tool:

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