Datenschutz-Center. Gewusst wie: entfernen PCenter?

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Datenschutz-Center auch bekannt als PCenter is a rogue tool that installed through the use of a Trojan that pretends to be video codec required to view an online movie. Once you download and install the codec, aber, instead of letting you watch the movie it will instead install Privacy Center on to your computer without your permission. Privacy Center pretends to be an all-in-one privacy suite that has many built-in tools that cannot be used used unless you first purchase the program.

PCenter will scan your computer and display a variety of privacy risks and problems that will not be resolved until you purchase the program. It will also display security warnings from your Windows taskbar stating that your computer has security problems and that you should purchase the program to fix them. As the information Privacy Center displays is all false, we strongly suggest that you do not purchase this software.

PrivacyCenter - rogue tool
PrivacyCenter - rogue-Tool

We advise you to be extremely careful with this malicious software. Installieren Sie es nicht selbst. It is extremely important to remove all the components of the PCenter and all the malware and trojans that it might have come bundled with.

GridinSoft LLC und ist nicht verbunden, verbundenen, Zentralindien, or connected with the publishers or creators of Privacy Center.

Privacy Center automatical remover:

Wie Sie vorgesehen haben, könnte, Privacy Center is not a lonely walker in the empty space. Im Gegenteil, it has multiple ties with other rogues so that complex malware removal is the best way to get rid of Privacy Center. Außerdem, if you remove Privacy Center automatically, Sie erhalten lebenslange Schutz vor Malware aggression.

The screenshot above displaying all the threats that Trojan Killer found. Please note that the infections found on your computer may be different than what is shown here
Der Screenshot oben zeigt alle Bedrohungen, die Trojan Killer gefunden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Infektionen auf Ihrem Computer gefunden werden können, anders als was hier gezeigt wird

Privacy Center manual removal guide:

Delete Privacy Center files:


Delete Privacy Center registry entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “;agent.exe”;

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