GandCrab Malware Betreiber Zerschlagung ihre Tätigkeit

Fast ein Jahr und eine Hälfte nach der Veröffentlichung der GandCrab Malware, its operators decided to close down their business and instructed their partners to stop spreading the program.

GandCrab arrived in the cybercriminal world on January 28, 2018. This ransomware replaced such infamous cryptographers as TeslaCrypt, CryptoWall und Spora, and became one of the dominant, if not the most dominant, ransom software.

jedoch, in den letzten Monaten, the number of GandCrab infections has begun to decrease, and recently, on the cybercriminal forum, malware operators published a notification about the termination of their business.

GrandCrab message
GrandCrab message

According to the report, the malware brought its operators about $2 Milliarde (an average of $ 2.5 million per week). Net profit amounted to $150 Million, which were withdrawn and invested in legal companies.

In this regard, further sales of GandCrab cease, and partners must stop its distribution within 20 Tage. Innerhalb eines Monats, the topic dedicated to the malware will also be deleted from

We are leaving for a well-deserved retirement, we have proved that by doing evil deeds, retribution does not come.”, — said GandCrab operators.

Unter anderem, GandCrab operators warned their victims about the need to pay ransom immediately, because soon all the encryption keys will be deleted and files cannot be recovered.


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