Hüten Sie sich vor über Facebook und andere soziale Netzwerke verbreiten Viren

Wie du vielleicht schon weißt, das Internet ist zum gegenwärtigen Zeitpunkt nicht so sicher. Viele Hacker können zahlreiche Möglichkeiten verbreiten verschiedene schädliche Programme herauszufinden, ob sie wollen. Und das ist genau das, was sie heute tun. Wir können Viren durch verschiedene Möglichkeiten, wie durch das Hochladen einige Programm fangen. Und es kann überhaupt nicht verdächtig, but our home antivirus just will not be able to see the virus behind that program. It can be a little ad by clicking on which we unexpectedly ‘receivea badware. And there are a lot of other things that can bring damage to our systems. All we can do is to be much more careful and to pay attention to suspicious links and sites. We got used already to the spam inside the web. We can distinguish it from ordinary messages. But we did not take into account such notion as social networks. Majority of people use them almost every day, and each of us uses them for different reasons. For most of us they are some sort of helpers to get what we need; for some they are just the way to communicate with the world; some use social networks for their work. And there are people like hackers and swindlers who have their own purposes as to social networks such as money. They make money on us. Lately, there have been more and more viruses that were actually hidden inside one or another system.

But we should clarify that it is not social networks like Facebook or others that spread viruses and malwares. It all came from users who had got registered there with the aim. They spoof the viruses with some good programs, give them good name and perfect design and after that load them to social networks so after some time ordinary people could just enter this link or program and boom. The deal has been done. And as to our opinion and researches it is only a start of such virusesspreading. Because it is a great ground there are numerous people who do not pay much attention because they are sure about safety of social networks.

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The reasons of all this are not so complicated to understand, that is unrestricted access to these sites. Each of us can upload there anything we want. And no one knows whether it safe or not. So, what should we do not to catch virus from the network we like so much? Just be cautious. und, Na sicher, you need to have really good antivirus, update it daily, look for the ad and pop-ups that can appear on your desktop. Do not hurry to click on it or enter some link that was sent to you from someone unknown. Be safe and careful in the web! und, Na sicher, don’t forget to scan your computer with a decent anti-virus software able to clean your system from malware persistency.

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