Data.exe – file that may be infected with virus

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What is the data.exe file? Today there are many malicious programs with their installer bearing the name of data.exe. In particular, we noticed a couple of dangerous links that were spreading malwares like rogue security software (System Progressive Protection or one of the variants of MultiRogue 2013). In some cases the link may lead to installation of a special Trojan horse that attacks computers and hides its real purposes for some time. Then the Data.exe virus will eventually install some other form of infection, whereas of rogue type or some other malware type. Whatever the case might be, users should be very careful when opening such suspicious attachments that have data.exe name. We can’t positively assert that all files with data.exe name are dangerous; however, there’s a high number of virus files that are extremely dangerous and contain the severe installer of malware like the one we mentioned above. Hence, be very careful and watchful. Before running any of such files make sure that you first scan your system with the help of a legitimate security program. You may do it with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer through the direct download link below.

Data.exe removal tool:

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