How to create a good and secure password?

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In this article for today we are going to tell you about our recommendations on choosing and picking up the reliable, safe and secret password for your security. The creation of a reliable password is the guarantee of the security of your private information. Good password keeps your data under seven locks and seals. Here are some tips on creating it.

What is not recommended to be done?

Never use the following words and their combinations as a password:

  • your real name;
  • your user`s name;
  • your date of birth, phone number, address or passport number;
  • any word where the letters are used instead of numbers (for example, zeros instead of O, E instead of the triple, etc.);
  • sample passwords shown anywhere.

What is recommended to be done?

In order to create a good password and to keep it safe it is recommended to use the following:

  • punctuation marks, such as .,!@# etc.
  • capital letters.
  • the good password must be composed of not less than 8 symbols. The longer it is, the more reliable it is.
  • Choose an interesting phrase, the line from the poem or song and create your password from initial letters of the words from the phrase. Make sure that your code is not an ordinary word!
  • You can even go outside, to the parking, or somewhere else where you can see a lot of cars and put down serial numbers of any three or four cars. Cross repetitive numbers and letters out, and what you finally get is your new, unique password.

Use your brains to find other ways of collecting random letters and numbers. For example, you can open a few books on any page, write down any words you like, or choose the third letter of the first ten nouns. Be creative! It will help you to feel securely.

Here we demonstrate one of the methods of creating a password. Take a line from a poem for children:
“Mother fried fishes in a pan,
Johnnie eats them like a man”.

Take every second letter of each word: orinaoahia
Some of the letters are repeated, so they can replace the numbers and other symbols. For example, “orina5%h#!” .
Some letters can be capitalized: “oRina5%H#!” .

As a result, we have got very strange password, but it is very difficult to guess: oRina5%H#! One more advantage of such a password is that it was created by a special system, so if you forget it, there is a chance to restore it. When creating your password try to look for another similar scheme, which is more easier for you to remember. Keep your password in a SECRET! Never tell anyone your password. Never write it anywhere. Even if the password seems to be difficult to keep in mind, find the way to do it. Try to put it in your head, using association. For someone is easy to remember, using visual memory. Change your password every few months. In this article we have given you some tips and some examples how to protect yourself from being hacked, but these recommendations are samples only. Find your own way to feel safe in Web.

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