n6security.xyz fake apple warning alert

6security.xyz fake alert

Recently we found out the important information about the newest trend in malware world. More and more of our customers start claiming about different viruses spreading through the same domain .xyz. All these viruses also have the same logic – they display warning pop-ups, which are saying that user’s system is blocked. Often .xyz malware provides a reason for such sad occasion, saying that “Your System Blocked for Security Reasons”, “porn virus has infected your system”, “Your Browser has been hacked”, etc. Usually, scammers show the customers a phone number for support. Such calls’ main aim – to steal users’ money!

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Chrome_Font.exe Malware Removal

This Chrome_Font.exe file is distributed via malicious websites, or legitimate websites that have been hacked. When someone visits one of this hacked site they will be presented with a page that states that “The HoeflerText font wasn’t found” and then automatically downloads an executable. The message on the Chrome_Font.exe pop-up is:

The “HoeflerText” font wasn’t found.
Step 1: In the bottom left corner of the screen you’ll see the download bar. Click on the Chrome_Font.exe item
Step 2: Press Yes (Run) in order to see the correct content on the web page

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Wu7zz.detect.malignancies.xyz pop-ups removal


Wu7zz.detect.malignancies.xyz is one of the most unsafe malware that actually targets Windows OS. Basically, this virus comes under the categories of adware and mainly founded by the hackers to throws ads like coupons codes, banners and much more just to attract user and to increase traffic.

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My ShopMate – how to delete?

My ShopMate is unsafe application which has been identified as malicious software and Adware that causes severe security issues on users’ system. Most of users had no idea when and where they got hit by My ShopMate virus, they only started to realize the invasion of this virus when all kinds of weird and bad things occurred on their system: constant security warning from firewall, malfunction of programs, random errors, breakout of commercial ads on browser, homepage redirecting, and slow system speed.

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Smarter Password toolbar – How to remove?

Smarter Password toolbar by MyWay may be an application which will promise to help you when you use your PC. But it is not true. It is an adware which make life with ads. These ads are tempting and appealing, and their contents could always lead uses to click for more details. But when you do so, it is inevitable for you to get freeware on your PC, and some of the websites will directly bring in virus to invade into your system. That is to say, Smarter Password toolbar by MyWay is the last thing that you should keep on your PC.

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+49 322 210 9696 scam

This guide will assist you in getting rid of many nasty and pretty intrusive +49 322 210 9696 pop-ups from your browser. By the way, such problems typically occur with browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, even though other browsers are not an exception and can be infected as well.

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What is Sysprotector 4 program and how to remove it?

After the installation of fake antivirus Sysprotector 4 it generates fake “Blue screen of death” and provides user with a specific technical support number

Most users may consider Sysprotector 4 program as a legit antivirus from Microsoft that is called Microsoft Security Essentials, but it only pretends as legit software. In truth, this program may become the reason of a serious infection.

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What is GetFormsOnline.com website and why is it dangerous?

2016 president election in the USA is a very important event in the history of humanity. Not only life on US citizens depend on it and because of that, this event becomes popular among lots of people. Cyber criminals are not an exception. The GetFormsOnline.com website was created to play in this important event and make some profit for hackers.

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hostbin64.exe malicious process, removal guide

In this removal guide, we will show you what is hostbin64.exe process and how to completely remove it from your computer. It is dangerous to keep this kind of program inside of your system, it may lead to very serious consequences. It is advised to remove this file as soon as possible.

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How to remove Docine.exe malicious process?

This removal instruction will show you how to remove Docine.exe process from your computer and make it more protected from possible future infections. You can do that by following all steps provided in this tutorial, so let’s get started.

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Remove jh.exe malicious process – How to remove guide

This removal tutorial will show you how to remove JH.exevirus from your computer and protect it from being reinfected. The JH.exe process is a malicious program that considered dangerous for your computer and that’s why should be removed from it as soon as possible.

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Remove PC Help Center Tools virus

PC Help Center Tools

PC Help Center Tools is a scary pop-up window. Some users may see this warning in their browsers and will be quite surprised to find out that their PC is infected with Rogues, Trojans, Worms, Dialers, Backdoors and other computer threats. But the fact is that these are scary alerts and invented infections.

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