How to get rid of pop-up virus?

In the first place, pop-ups in your PC are the result of some disgusting adware to be the part of your computer. So, you will not be able to fully eliminate such pop-ups without utter removal of adware as their initial source. This guide will help you to remove these pop-ups fully from your browser.

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‘System message – Sector Not Found’ scam

System message – Sector Not Found

This is a message that is integrated into the new version of System Repair rogue (fake HDD). There has been the similar malware in the past, however, it had another design which is no longer used by hackers while they develop new viruses. The new version of System Repair scam uses a lot of new scary alerts, warnings and notifications. The message that says ‘System message – Sector Not Found’ is surely scary, yet it is a fake alert that speaks of a problem that simply isn’t peculiar for your machne.

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File system on local disk C contains critical errors. Fake Microsoft Windows alert

File system on local disk C contains critical errors

When analyzing System Repair virus today we’ve encounter another fake alert, which System Repair scam tends to present as the one associated with Microsoft corporation. This alert comes up as the one allegedly coming from Microsoft Windows, after the large mess made by System Repair malware on your system. To be more precise, the warning says this:

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Svchost.exe Corrupt Disk – fake HDD’s scary alert

svchost.exe - corrupt disk

The alert ‘svchost.exe Corrupt Disk’ pursues the goal of making you really scared. It is presented by System Repair, the fake hard drive defragmentation utility. This is a malware that appeared recently, and nowadays it actively attacks thousands if not millions of computers worldwide. The scary alert tells users this:

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Explorer.exe Corrupt Disk – fake HDD’s error

explorer.exe - corrupt disk

The popup that says ‘explorer.exe – Corrupt Disk’ is a fake alert of System Repair fake HDD. In fact, in the past there were many other similar malicious applications, however, they didn’t use this particular faulty alert. The revised version of System Repair scam now uses the series of new scary notifications in order to make users think their system is in danger. The chances are that similar malwares with other names will keep reappearing, being developed by the team of cyber hackers and online frauds.

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‘Windows – Read error’ scary notice from System Repair hoax

Windows - Read error

There’s a large number of fake alerts, popups and warnings displayed by System Repair scam, of which we previously written in several of our posts. ‘Windows – Read error’ is just one of them. There are many others, in fact. The purpose of these deceitful statements expressed by System Repair is to make users believe that their system is in a horrible condition. Then, of course, the virus will prompt users into buying the so-called licensed version of this malware, even though it is a totally useless application when it comes to optimizing your workstation.

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System Repair virus (uninstall guide)

System Repair is the virus that claims to be certain decent system defragmenter. However, the truth of the matter is that it is not able to help your system function better. On the contrary, System Repair malware considerably perverts your operating and file system to such an extent that you would not recognize your computer. Many users get really scared when they see such a mess made by this scam. Very often they do not realize that this is the job of this fake system defragmenter program. They think that the turmoil discovered by fake scan of System Repair indeed took place before this hoax ever appeared inside of their machine, and this is when they are deceived. The malware tells that it is able to fix the detected problems, however, it would not let you do it for free. It asks you to pay for it, and this is so far the only goal pursued by such annoying malware. Its developers only aim to steal your money, that’s it. They do not care about real system protection and improvement of actual system performance.

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dbheuPYTtA.exe file is associated with System Repair hoax


dbheuPYTtA.exe is a malicious file, which is also a running process. It is related to System Repair scam. This program is a serious virus that attacks many computers all over the world today. System Repair trojan is a fake system optimization and hard drive defragmentation utility that acts very aggressively in reaching its many evil purposes. The primary goal of this hoax, of course, is to make money for its developers. dbheuPYTtA.exe is the core process of this malware. The problem is that it cannot be easily terminated with Task Manager, for example. The rogue blocks its launching. In addition, it also hides the majority of your files, such as documents, pictures, desktop icons, etc. This is done by adding the hidden attribute to the majority of such files and folders and by relocating them to the Temp directory, which is hidden likewise. To get rid of System Repair malware and to restore your hidden files please follow the guidelines below.

Read more – fraudulent site associated with System Repair virus is a site you need to avoid by all means. In fact, it doesn’t even exist. This unreal site is yet used in the interface of System Repair fake hard drive defragmenter as a way to collect funds from deceived and tricked users. However, paying money for this program is a serious mistake on the part of users. Regretfully, many people have been already tricked and scared by this program and the bunch of fake system errors, notifications and alerts reported by it during the bogus scan of your system. Here is how this fraudulent web-site looks like:

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System Repair virus removal tool

System Repair virus

System Repair is a fake system defragmentation utility (fake HDD). When this scam enters your system it beings playing the role of some system optimization and enhancement tool. So, it scans your system for presence of many system, hard drive and memory errors and “finds” them. However, this is just the imitation of real functionality improvement. In fact, all troubles and bugs supposedly detected by System Repair are fake. They were simply invented by this faulty and deceitful program in order to scare users into obeying further fraudulent instructions of this scam.

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File Restore (virus). How to remove it

File Restore virus

Restoring files that are missing is a good and surely necessary function with which some decent and powerful system optimization tools possess. In some cases that data that you need so desperately can be missing or hidden by malware. Hiding such data occurs by setting up the hidden attribute to files and folders, thus resulting in impossibility of user to view/see them. This is when some reputable and great system optimization utilities can help you recover the data that you don’t see. This can be said of File Restore virus program, even though it bears such a proud name. This application doesn’t restore files. To the contrary, it hides them, it plays the direct part in concealing them from your attention. Hence, the acts of File Restore program contradict to its claimed mission (to restore hidden files). Thus, instead of helping users it makes the mess with the entire file system and creates the turmoil on the PC’s hard drive and in the brain of many people whose systems got infected with this nasty malware sample.

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Seek Error – Sector not found – new scam by fake HDD program

Seek Error - Sector not found

The warning that you might occasionally get that says “Seek Error – Sector not found” is another scary popup that appears on computers infected with one of the variants of fake HDD programs. As an example we can mention File Restore, being the latest variant of these bogus system optimizers. Thus, when they attack the compromised machine, they will throw the bunch of such misleading error reports, popups and warnings in the right-bottom part of your screen. Plus, there will be many other repeated and quite annoying notifications from this scam. Their goal is to make users believe their system is in danger and must be immediately fixed.

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