Can antivirus remove malware?

Seeing that computers are a necessity in every household, office and business. Their security and protection becomes the first priority. No one wants to get their PC infected and risk losing everything they have worked so hard for. With everything on our PC, we are on a constant threats of being affected by a malware or a virus. This is why some really helpful malware removals and antiviruses are made. So they install some applications which prevent the computers from any malware or virus, the real question, however that arises is; do these Antivirus program get rid of the malware?

Running an antivirus scan is absolutely needed by computers but one must also install Malware removers in order get the PC completely detached from the viruses. These malware removers improvise with the antiviruses and can even get rid of the malwares that go undetected by the antiviruses. This is why using a combination of antiviruses and malware removers have been so effective.

The key difference between antivirus and malware removing program is that antivirus prevent you from downloading corrupted links and provide an external layer of protection against the externally connected drives and devices. Antivirus will warn you before you proceed to a danger zone and will let you know beforehand whether you should proceed or not. An antivirus program even tries hard to prevent the virus from activating. Even after taking all the possible precautions, your computer does get infected by a Virus then you should get a malware remover to prevent further damage. The major leap is in deleting the malware by removing the root file. Every infected file needs to be deleted and that is only done by a software fully committed to the task.

When is a Malware Remover needed?

Once a virus has made its way into your computer, it will get activated anytime soon. After the activation, Antivirus will hop in and try to deactivate it. Most of the times it succeeds in the task and eliminates the virus spreading process. What most computer users fail to realize is that antivirus might deactivate the malware for a while but it is still hidden with a file attached and has the capability to re-initiate later in time. Therefore, getting rid of the corrupted file is only wise. The inactive malware that are hidden need be removed.

A malware can hide itself well, reattach and re initiate. A computer needs extra protection because of that. Malware exist in variety of ways, most of the time they are hidden or attached to the file you consider corrupted. A malware can even plant itself on various locations on the hard disk. An Antivirus can get rid of one file that it has detected but what about the others that you have failed to see? Malware remover runs an efficient scan and detects all those corrupted files. This is why you need to purchase both a Malware remover and Antivirus Scanner to properly invest in computer security and protection.

So, you have your Windows Desktop installing and running, the wind is blowing nicely in your face, and all is going well, until…

What is this? You have been under attack! Any of your actions lead to appearing dozen of pop-ups and warnings! Each site, previously safe, contains unpleasure advertisment and you even don’t know Who and How did it…

Windows is the most widely used operation system in the world, so that’s one of the reason that some hackers are after you (it’s not personal, you know).

 Malware Scanner

BESIDES, it is easy to choose a good antimalware solution according your needs
using our mini-guide.

How would I know if my computer has malware?

When your computer is infected, you get to see some symptoms after which you need to start seeking for help instantly. You will need to know how to find these malwares and get rid of them;

  • Visible slowdown. You will see that your computer’s speed has retarded to a noticeable extent and this is getting seriously out of hands.
  • Unnecessary popups begin showing up at places you did not expect them to be.
  • Hardware starts acting in ways you are not sure about. Not only the attached derives but also the other devices attached. This is because computer’s control efficiency decreases
  • You will notice running out of hard disk space quicker than you had expected. It is because malware starts taking disk space by replicating itself and getting itself attached to different files at the same time, thus these files gain more size.
  • Unnecessary websites, menus and tools are being accessed without your notice. This mostly happens when damage has already reached above the neck. You will likely notice additional tabs being opened without your asking them to.
  • Your security solution gets disabled. This is the first thing that happens when the malware is security related. At this high time of cybercrime, getting attacked by a behind the curtain virus is nothing new.
  • Battery life drains quickly. With viruses and malwares quietly working in the background, computer speed retards because it requires computer to work extensively and unnecessarily thus draining the battery life.
  • You will see unusual error messages at places where everything had run perfectly fine before the malware.

If you have begun seeing any of these signs then it is high time that you get some help and buy a malware remover. The real question that arises is how to solve these malwares? How to destroy these malwares?

How to remove malware from the computer?

Now that you know what needs to be done, you want to know how you can do it. Here is a step by step guide on malware removal:

  1. Disconnect computer from the internet and enter into a completely safe zone such that nothing can further attack your PC from the outside. This even prevents the malware from leaking into your private data such as emails and cloud drives.
  2. Clean up the disk. It is high time that you get rid of unnecessary files. Malware usually attack the fragile files and getting rid of them is the first thing you can do.
  3. Now it is time to download malware scanners. Chose the scanner that looks best for your PC. Don’t go for a heavy file or else it will retard the process even more. If you already have an antivirus on your PC, then getting a Malware remover is important to clear up the files that went undetected under the antivirus scan. Not to mention, you have malware still on your PC simply because your antivirus has not done its job effectively in pointing out malfunctioning files.
  4. Reconnect the PC to internet and reach a safe website that ensures the safe download of files. If you are worried about getting your PC infected again by connecting it to network then download the software on some other PC then connect it to your original one through the USB and start the scan.
  5. Start the scan by switching to scan mode. The program will scan for a while and will get rid of anything that comes in the way. It is recommended you run an Antivirus scan as well with the malware scan to ensure maximum coverage.
  6. Malwarebytes might also urge you to restart your computer to make it fully successful.
  7. If the problems persist, you might want to change the scanner you have been using.

How to defend your computer against various kinds of Malwares?

Malwares and viruses come in variety for different purposes. You get them via accidental activities or a third party has purposely tried to infect your computer, whatever the reason, getting rid of them should be your ultimate priority and you should know how to deal with different malicious programs.

Trojan horse

Trojan horse

This is one program that acts like it is fun and useful to keep in the computer but is actually harming your computer in ways you are unaware of. Trojans infect files by getting themselves attached to System Restore. Therefore, disable the system restore before you get an efficient malware byte.


Ransom ware

Worm is a space consumer. It replicates itself exponentially. Unlike any other virus, they do not need a host file. They are quite dangerous on their own. Its sole job is of replicating itself to the point that entire disk space is taken up and computer breaks down. It even starts effecting the other devices physically attached to the targeted system. Get an active malware remover and not just an antivirus. Eliminating Worm from the root is the only way of restoring your Pc to its original health.



As the name suggests, these malwares are extremely hard to detect. They surpass even the securest of PCs. They continue running in the background while the user is unaware of them. They serve the purpose of leaking your personal information to a third party without your knowledge. That what makes them so fearful. It even monitors your keystrokes. Spyware mostly transmit your information via network. So before you proceed with malware scanning, disconnect the internet and preferably boot your computer once again after the procedure has reach at a completion state.


Adware is modern day unnecessary pop up marketing for which the third party gets paid. The marketers have found this annoying way of putting up their brands on your face every time you try to access an area of your computer. The first thing that you can do to get rid of them is block the pop-up windows browser. Then go to the folder where adware might be hidden, delete it if you can or get a malware remover that can.

Why do Laptops get more malwares?

Laptops are carried around everywhere and with business and companies at their top, most of the people are switching to laptop from desktop. With the rising use of laptops, comes a threat that most of the users encounter. Laptops can get themselves connected to various networks and strange devices. This increase their chance of being infected by a malware compared to those of a regular desktop. So how do you get rid of malware from a laptop or a Macbook? All you need to deicide is which laptop malware remover to use and you are good to go. Run the malware remover scan on the PC and it will come up with results and get rid of the files on its own. Various companies are working to improve functionality of personal computers that are more likely to get hacked by spywares and ransom wares.

If you are not entirely comfortable with the idea of downloading a huge program to get rid of a few infected files then it is optional to seek for tools that help you get rid of malware bugs on your own. These tools are provided on the same popular websites. You can download them for a lower cost and pick out malwares files that run on the background.

How to prevent a computer virus?

You will need to keep your computer updated all the times. A virus has potential of preventing the computer from updating therefore, set the automatic updates setting such that Microsoft keep on updating the windows. Not to mention the virus preventing tools that windows is already equipped with. Microsoft offer the free safety scanner, you can use it and you should use it. That will at the least prevent low key viruses from inflicting harm. Be aware of the rogue security software. These software start urging you to buy a product that promise PC protection but actually inflict more harm on computer than you care to admit. Learn to spot the difference between genuine Antiviruses and hoax software. Do not always go for anything that is free. Your computer has sensitive information and you need to be more cautious than you already are.

Also, while navigating through technology on a daily basis, you will need to be careful of the click baits and everything else that tries to hurl viruses in the computer. Don’t click on anything you see, don’t go too far away in online shopping. Never click on links or emails that are sent by strangers. Even the emails received from someone you know is never hundred percent safe. It is always safe to have an antivirus installed that keeps a check over these things. Make sure you don’t get everything connected to your computer. Always run a check before copying filed from one drive to another or from an external drive to your PC.

Do viruses always require user interaction?

Viruses get activated when a code gets executed. This can happen with or without user intervention. However, spotting such virus is not an easy job. This is what antivirus scans are made for and malwares are made to get rid of them entirely.

Can Viruses cause physical damage to the computer?

That simply does not happen. No virus made until now is strong enough. However the stronger the virus is the stronger kind of software is required for it.

Is antivirus enough?

Antiviruses are not sufficient enough to entirely protect the PC. Virus removal is needed more to ensure maximum protection and not deal with any mishaps in the future. Viruses have the tendency to hide themselves among important files, therefore only a good malware remover is efficient enough.

How do viruses affect internet settings?

Windows security tools might be a threat to malwares and viruses that is why newly made viruses are now being equipped with the tool of messing with internet setting that prevent you from accessing windows update or any Microsoft security websites. To prevent that you will need a fix it wizard that instantly tries to fix the necessary internet setting granting you the freedom of accessing every website of your choice.

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