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Loading... is a browser hijacker that often enters the user’s computer in a junction with various freeware downloaded from the Web. This attacker modifies Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome settings as soon as it gets inside your PC. It replaces your start page, new tab page, and default search. It changes your registry files, DNS configurations etc. If you want to find anything in the Web, you will be redirected to the sponsored websites, instead of normal search results. It also performs some other malicious tricks which may make you nervous. Since the hijacker was created by cyber criminals, it would be quite logical not to expect anything good to come from it. We strongly recommend you not to linger and minute and apply all your efforts to remove virus. virus

What are the main purpose of attacker?

The main purpose of is to promote sponsored websites and display the ads from its partners to make a huge profit. It also artificially increases the traffic and the page rank of third parties’ pages. It inserts additional links hoping that you will click on. It delivers ads interesting to you by collecting information about you and following your browsing habits. The advertisements it displays always correspond well to your latest searches. If you click on them you will bring revenue for the hackers.

Why it is not recommended to keep on the computer?

All these actions violates your privacy and are very obtrusive, however the biggest issue are the displayed links. Since does not check the third parties it sponsors, so there is nobody who can guaranty their safety. There is a very real possibility that these pages belong to cyber criminals who will do everything they can to infect your computer with malware. The risk of getting your PC infected is too high so it is quite rational to delete

How virus may attack the computer?

Like most malware of this type infection is distributed together with free of charge software from the sites with the poor reputation. To block the penetration of such potentially unwanted tool you need to monitor the entire installation process very carefully. You must read through every step of it and to uncheck boxes that disclose you about any additional applications.

How to get rid of malware?

The only correct solution for you now is to erase as soon as you are aware of its existence. We would recommend you to look through the removal tutorial. We hope you will find it easy and effective. When all instructions are done, run the reputable anti-virus program to be sure that your PC system is clean. Always contact us if any problems occur in the course of removing this badware. Good Luck!

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