Beware of Trojan.Zeroaccess!

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Trojan.Zeroaccess is a trojan that keeps infecting more and more computers all over the world nowadays. This threat comes from the web and you may have the possibility of not seeing it at first. As soon as Trojan.Zeroaccess gets into the system it automatically hides itself. With its help you can catch more scams and trojans. Some websites can spread this trojan, so you need to be aware of this. Be very careful when you enter some unknown sites and links. You can be just redirected to the page with this trojan and that is how you can get it. Trojan.Zeroaccess updates itself through peer-to-peer network all the time.

The main goal of this trojan is to gain money, of course. And it can do it with the help of pay per click advertising. It can download some other malicious items into your system so be cautious and look what you except even in your own system. Some of the information Trojan.Zeroaccess downloads can lead you into the purchasing of fake antiviruses which are viruses. Moreover Trojan.Zeroaccess is capable of connecting to a command and control server, which allows the remote attacker access to your infected computer. And that is when the attackers are allowed to do anything they want with your system. This trojan being hid can create its own hidden volume in the computer’s file system where it stores all of its components. And, of course, it can hide another malicious files which were downloaded to the system with the help of its actions.

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