Beware of HD_video.exe and files

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There’s a serious dangerous virus that is crossing around the Internet space these days. This virus is called Urausy, i.e. the ransomware that locks many computers. We have found out today about one of the ways this malware is distributed. Fake video codec installation are used for these purposes. When certain users watch certain evil stuff over the Internet like some adult videos, they’re prompted by these sites to download and install some video codec supposedly necessary for playing these HD videos. These fake video codecs are named HD_video.exe and Still, they have nothing to do with codecs. Instead, opening these files (executing them) brings Urausy locker into your system.

Be very careful with files that have the names HD_video.exe or can be very dangerous. We can’t say that all such files and executables are malicious, yet we know cases when the computers of many users got infected with such serious infections like Urausy ransomware samples. If you have an offer of some site to run such files (which are fake video codecs, in fact), please first ignore such offers and immediately scan your system with the help of reliable security application. Finally, if the ransomware virus stroke your system and unlocked your desktop, please refer to the removal guide that will help you fix this problem and unlock your PC.

Recommended security software to download:

Ransomware removal guide:

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