Beware of fake calls from Microsoft Support Team

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There is an ever-increasing tendency today of fake calls allegedly coming from Microsoft to be initiated by some online frauds who want to gain remove access over computers of users to whom the calls are made. We’ve recently heard a story about one man receiving a call from the guy with Indian accent who represented himself as the representative of the Microsoft Support Team. He said to this user that there’s a need to check the computer for integrity and asked for remove access. After the user agreed, the remote connection was established. By means of carrying out some manipulations this fake Microsoft technician was able to create the impression of finding some malware in the system and then tricked and prompted user into buying certain security software that was totally useless and helpless. Obviously, this is a fake support from Microsoft.

Hence, the purpose of this post is to warn our users to beware of such fake calls allegedly coming from the Microsoft Tech Support. In fact, as you probably know, Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help users fix their computers. So, when you receive such strange calls, please ignore them completely and do not obey the malicious instructions of the authors of these calls. Instead, we recommend you to scan your system with Trojan Killer through the direct download link below.

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