Beware of malwares attached to fake US Postal Service (USPS) emails

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  1. sonny says:


    i purchased your trojan killer software and was able to fix my laptop (windows xp) after it was infected with usps system fix virus. it worked for a couple of days but was infected by the same virus again. it seems that not all the virus was eliminated from my system. it’s back to it’s infected state again, what should i do? help!!!

  2. admin says:

    Hello sonny,
    If you have some problems with the removal or just some questions, please, write us here:

    We will help you to cope with your problem.

  3. boatman says:

    Hi i got the usps virus. I feel really stupid for unzipping the file and running it. It has completely taken over my computer. Desktop is black without icons, “start” button has nothing in it. Its blocked me from everything. Microsoft securty essentials detects it but doesnt remove it or stop it from acting. Will trojan killer run if i introduce it to my infected computer *windows xp* via thumb drive

  4. boatman says:

    Also, given that the free trial only removes 5 virus’s or whatever, will it remove this trojan horse in its entirety?

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