Beware of fake Google Antivirus notifications

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Users today must pay caution when surfing well-known sites like Google, Bing, etc. There is a risk of them being hijacked by online frauds. Thus, if you encounter your computer to be redirected to the web-site that asserts that Google systems have identified unusual traffic from your PC and that you must buy Google Antivirus, shut down this window at once! Moreover, remember that there is no such program as Google AV, this is why there is no reason for uploading, executing and bringing this software onto your system. This is nothing but the next trap developed by crooks to rob you.

It has recently become known that some online hackers have modified certain reputable search sites to redirect their surfers to infected addresses that are allegedly ruled by Google (as an example). Similar to many other invented tricks, this unexpected technique leads users to the page where he/she is told about various malwares identified on your workstation. Users is also told that if these so-called recommended security tools aren’t installed, the system will prevent access to Google services:

Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer. Please check your PC on viruses. To continue, please download and install our antivirus software. [MALICIOUS DOWNLOAD LINK] or our system will block your access to Google services.

We strongly advise you to disregard this fake alert and never attempt to upload and install Google Antivirus which in fact is a dangerous Trojan horse to beware of. Since it is a new virus, your anti-spyware tool may not identify the executable file as an infected one, so disregard the offers to upload any suspicious anti-virus tool you are suggested as described above.

Try our recommended anti-malware solution:

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