BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen. General information

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BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen is not a new topic in the field of the computer security. We have already written about this severe infection, nevertheless this virus does not want to lose its position and still remains aggressive.

BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen is a nasty Rootkit which opens the back door for the hackers to remotely access the vulnerable computer and gain the total control over the target system. This BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen has the ability to drop down more malwares to the compromised system. Upon the very process of installation, BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen acts as a malware delivery platform, connecting to a peer-to-peer network to download plugin files that carry out the payload functionality. BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen changes the system parameters and makes the computer vulnerable for other virus invasions. Usually, BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen connects to remote server to collect the information about downloading, extracting and executing arbitrary files. To sum up everything afore-said BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen is dangerous thing that is worth immediate removal to avoid private information leakage and the total collapse of the system. So every Internet user is strongly recommended to regularly update anti-virus software and scan their computers, because no one is 100% safe surfing on the Internet. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is the recommended solution for complete system cleanup.

BDS/ZeroAccess.Gen rootkit remover:

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