Australian Federal Police virus. How to remove AFP scam

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  1. Nait says:

    These procesures did not work for me but something else that might work but it means wiping your whole c:drive(this will only work for acer brand laptops or computers) aswell as restoring it back to the factory defaults. Step1: When restarting your computer or laptop (windows) hold or press f8 until a menu pops up choose system repair and then click on acer erecovery management then from there on forth the program will tell you what to do

  2. Jack says:

    I’ve tried these all these procedures and nothing. The safe mode reboot works, but when it gets to the main screen, 4 seconds later it quits and restarts the computer. I dont know who to call about this, I tried the ACCC phone and all they care about is the people who spend money and even then, they say they cant help you. What gives..

  3. Carole Lee says:

    I have griidsift programmes. No matter what I do I cannot get rid if AFP scam. When I do safe mode command prompt it won’t recognise prompts. It seems it is stuck in documents settings instead if system 32. Thank goodness for IPhone so I can download . Can you help?j

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