AntiVirus System 2011 fake anti-spyware tool. How to get rid of AntiVirus System 2011 rogue

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AntiVirus System 2011 has nothing to do with a decent antivirus. This is just another pack of lies presented by cyber criminals and frauds. Speaking of AntiVirus System 2011, this is the next fictitious anti-spyware tool that tends to present numerous fake scan results and other alerts for the only goal – that is to trick you and make you believe your computer is under serious virus attack.

AntiVirus System 2011 rogue
AntiVirus System 2011 fake

This fake security application infiltrates your PC via Trojans that download and bring the rogue to your system without your authorization or even knowledge. After its successful penetration AntiVirus System 2011 would also create all sorts of files in your Windows Temp folder that will soon be detected as viruses when AntiVirus System 2011 imitates scanning of your system. If you try to remove any of the applications it claims to be infections, it would tell you that you need to effect payment for the program before it will let you get rid of them. The reality is that these files contain no viruses at all, or they do not even exist in that folder, and are only being warned of in order to scare you into purchasing AntiVirus System 2011.

While AntiVirus System 2011 runs it will also present fake security alerts on your system. These alerts come up for the only goal – to make you think that you have horrible computer viruses or that your PC is delivering certain personal information to some remote locations. Just like the above-mentioned fake scan results, all such alerts are fake and are simply given in order to push you into paying for the rogue. It goes without saying that this tool is nothing but a scareware that was developed to frighten you and make you pay money for this useless device. Therefore, do not purchase AntiVirus System 2011 and do not believe into its fictitious promises. In order to delete this malware please take heed to the guidelines given below.

AntiVirus System 2011 automatic remover:

AntiVirus System 2011 manual removal guide:

Delete AntiVirus System 2011 files:
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\AntiVirus_System_2011.exe
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\IcoActivate.ico
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\IcoHelp.ico
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\IcoUninstall.ico
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\securityhelper.exe
%AppData%\AntiVirus System 2011\securitymanager.exe
%AppData%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Desktop%\AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011\
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011\Activate AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011\AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011\Help AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
%Programs%\AntiVirus System 2011\How to Activate AntiVirus System 2011.lnk
Delete AntiVirus System 2011 registry entries:
HKCU\Software\AntiVirus System 2011
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “2kowmeuswvw3″
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “AntiVirus System 2011″
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Security Manager”
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\AntiVirus System 2011

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7 thoughts on “AntiVirus System 2011 fake anti-spyware tool. How to get rid of AntiVirus System 2011 rogue

  1. Meu amigo,vc me tirou de um enrascada ,pq eu tinha tentado de tudo,mas o maldito do antivirus 2011 não saia,ai veio o trojankiller,ai sim,o anti virus 2011 se ferrou,valeu mesmo.

  2. comment faire pour se debarasser de ce systeme tools je ne suis pas une pro donc si vous pouviez m expliquer ca serais sympa

  3. Uma moça chegou aqui com este mentiroso, deu trabalho, mas removi manualmente. Apesar de ter ficado uns poucos vestígios que tem mais poder para nada. Mesmo assim estou baixando o trojankiller. Além domais o danado deixou um estrago, pois não é possível usar o update da microsoft e aí o MSE não atualiza… Estou trabalhando nisso agora. Este Antivirus 2011 falso tem um monte de vozes, pisca tela, som de como o cp estivesse fritando etc..

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