Antivirus .NET – virus. How to remove Antivirus .NET scam.

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  1. remove Antivirus NET says:

    It worked perfectly thanks a lot i really appreciate it!!!

  2. dprob says:

    it did work great. thnx alot! none of my othe antvirus scanners worked, this worked perfect tho!

  3. Muhammad says:

    Absolutely excellent file. Removed all the crap trojans and other nonsense bugging my computer. Thank you so much TrojanKiller! Huge relief thanks to you all

  4. M.petersen says:

    Øhhh og HVOR finder jeg de filer der ska slettes ?

  5. sykes says:

    my hasnt worked. i followed the step by step guide and nothing

  6. Jason says:

    Where are these files that need to be deleted for the manual removal?

  7. Poly says:

    the automatic remover worked perfectly for me. if you running windows 7 like i do, you might not see “trojankiller.exe” just trojankiller program file. go ahead and rename it “iexplore.exe” and run it. it works fine. Thanks a million Trojankiller, i was already going hairless. ‘cos its wifey’s laptop you know what i mean.

  8. camille says:

    i have the same question : where do you find those files you have to delete?

  9. Kaye says:

    I want to thank you for posting this, I turned my computer on to type an essay and my computer FEAKED out telling me that this scan came up with a rediculous amount of viruses that my normal scanner didn’t find. I went to get rid of the scanner (and remove it from my computer since I didn’t download it to begin with) and figured out it was a scam when I couldn’t even find it in my control pannel.

    For a little bit the directions got confusing so I had to do my best and pray that I didn’t delete any important documents. So far so good!

    I really can’t thank you enough!

  10. Soltani says:

    Kass!! Nån som vet hur jag får bort utan att behöva vara en data nörd/guru

  11. mrt3217 says:

    powiedzcie mi jak usunac z kompa ten oszukany program sam mi sie zainstalowal a nie wiem jak go usunac. ja uzywam nada i pier…. tego oszukanego

  12. mrt3217 says:

    ok od poczatku co trzeba zrobic. zaopatrzyc sie w:
    1. program antywirusowy np nod32
    2. program ‘trojan remover’
    3. program ‘netgate registry cleaner’

    w nodzie skanujemy kompa w poszukiwaniu wirusow. po usunieciu wszystkich uruchamiamy ‘trojan remover’ a na koniec ‘natgate registry cleaner’ resetujemy kompa i caly syf znika. dzieki mi pomoglo.

  13. steve says:

    Habe das selbe problem. Wo finde ich die dateien die zu löschen sind?

  14. jo says:

    j’essai d’installer trojan killer mais me le bloke direct je ne c plus rien faire si quelqu’un pourrai m’aider

  15. km says:

    J’ai le même problème.
    Antivirus.Net me bloque tous les fichiers téléchargés pour supprimer ce virus !

  16. AntiVirus says:

    Thank you so much my mates computer system ha this i was about t format it this worked like a charm thanks again

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