Antiviral Factory 2013 removal guide

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Antiviral Factory 2013 is a new rogue to avoid by all means. It can be rightfully classified as rogue security software, in spite of its professionally-designed interface you see at the screenshot. The worst thing about the rogue we’re talking about is that it does block your attempts to remove it. Well, it understands that you don’t want to keep it and gives various warnings to reconsider you decision, so it acts really aggressively compared to other fake anti-spyware programs that do not let users run Task Manager, browser or executables. This is not the case with Antiviral Factory 2013 fake anti-virus. Hence, the duly updated anti-malware database of any particular legitimate software is the most essential part of successful removal of this hoax.
The updated status depends on the very company that developed the software and on user personally.

Antiviral Factory 2013
Antiviral Factory 2013 – rogue

So, make sure you turn that “Update Now” button before you start deleting the virus.
And, of course, do not have any doubts whether to delete Antiviral Factory 2013 or not.
This is not the program to trust or to keep. Its good-sounding name does not coincide with real ability to defend your security.
The program is totally helpless when it comes to removal of real viruses and cyber threats.

Basically, Antiviral Factory 2013 doesn’t differ much from its other versions (previous ones). The peculiarity of its new release is that it reports all legitimate executables as the ones infected with svchost.stealth.keyloger. For example:

svchost.stealth.keylogger trojan

As you see, the rogue reports GridinSoft Trojan Killer as malicious. This is because the rogue doesn’t want users to remove it until the fraudulent goal of Antiviral Factory 2013 is accomplished. Watch the spelling of the word “keyloger“. It is amazing that the authors of this rogue don’t bother in investing funds into proper English when developing their fake antivirus. Moreover, such svchost.stealth.keylogger infection is only reported by such rogues like Antiviral Factory 2013, AVASoft Professional Antivirus, etc. It is more like an invented threat which is used to scare users. In fact, we’ve already released a particular article about this fake threat reported by this rogue today.

The key to successful removal of Antiviral Factory 2013 is the challenge of terminating its process. This is a random process, by the way. In order to assist you in removal of this hoax we have developed a free utility that till help you stop any rogue process by the window title. This work well to kill the random process of Antiviral Factory 2013. What you need to do first is to download this free tool. It is named “explorer.exe” (or simply “explorer” after you download it). The download link for “explorer.exe” is What you need to do is to run this tool and then indicate the name of the malware – “Antiviral Factory 2013” (without quotation marks). Click “Scan“. The tool will detect the running process of malware and will then suggest to you to kill its process. This is what you should do. Remember that even after you kill its process successfully the rogue isn’t yet deleted. It will reappear after you reboot your PC. To get rid of this scam completely you need to scan your PC with GridinSoft Trojan Killer to remove this rogue completely. Scan your system with Trojan Killer immediately after you stop Antiviral Factory 2013 scam with “explorer.exe”. If this is far too complicated please carefully follow the removal process explained below.

Antiviral Factory 2013 removal video:

Antiviral Factory 2013 removal instructions:

Step # 1. Terminating the rogue process with explorer.exe free tool.

  • Open “My Computer” or use “Win + E” hotkey command.
  • In the open field type the download link for explorer.exe tool: Then press “Enter“.
  • Download link for explorer.

  • Click “Save” to save “explorer.exe“.
  • Save explorer.exe

  • Specify “Desktop” to save “explorer.exe”.
  • Save explorer to desktop. Click “Save“.

  • Run “explorer.exe” from desktop.
  • Run explorer.exe

  • Now, in the empty space of this free tool specify the windows title of the rogue process you would like to kill. In this particular case, type “Antiviral Factory 2013” (with beginning capital letters and relevant spaces). Then click “Scan“.
  • Now give your permission to kill the process of Antiviral Factory 2013 rogue (click “Yes“):
  • The process of Antiviral Factory 2013 has been successfully terminated. As a proof of this you will see the window of Antiviral Factory 2013 rogue disappear.

Important! Remember that successful termination of this rogue process doesn’t mean it has been removed. It will reappear during the next system reboot. Make sure you complete step #2 to completely get rid of this scam.

Step # 2. Final and utter removal of Antiviral Factory 2013 with GridinSoft Trojan Killer.

Antiviral Factory 2013 manual removal information:

Antiviral Factory 2013 files to be removed:
%Desktopdir%\\Antiviral Factory 2013.lnk
%Programs%\\Antiviral Factory 2013\\Antiviral Factory 2013.lnk
Antiviral Factory 2013 virus registry entries to be removed:
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\RunOnce\\[random] %AppData%\\[random]\\[random].exe
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Antiviral Factory 2013
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Antiviral Factory 2013\\DisplayIcon %AppData%\\[random]\\[random].exe,0
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Antiviral Factory 2013\\DisplayName Antiviral Factory 2013
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Antiviral Factory 2013\\ShortcutPath “%AppData%\\[random]\\[random].exe” -u
HKCU\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uninstall\\Antiviral Factory 2013\\UninstallString “%AppData%\\[random]\\[random].exe” -u

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