File Recovery ቫይረስ. ስኬታማ ለማስወገድ.

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በመጫን ላይ ...

File Recovery is another virus inside the web. The name of the virus can be familiar to some users, because its predecessors were such viruses like Data Recovery and System Recovery. File Recovery virus is a new one but it has almost the sam methods of work inside your machine and the same old goal. When the virus penetrates into your system it automatically begins to scan it and provides you with the results. There can be a lot of threats which were sepposedly found by File Recovery. But do not believe anything File Recovery shows you or provides you with.

There are a lot of bad things File Recovery can do with your system. It can hide your files and folders, mix or rename them. እና, your desktop can be clean at once. But do not worry. Everything can be restored, the files are just hidden not deleted. All you have to do is top eliminate File Recovery virus from your system as soon as possible. And the sooner you do that the sooner you will get your computer’;s stable state back.

በእርስዎ ፒሲ ከ File Recovery ማልዌር ለማስወገድ እንዲቻል ጥብቅ በመጀመሪያ GridinSoft የትሮይ ገዳይ እንዲሮጡ ይመከራል. ጥቅም "አሸነፈ + ኢ"Hotkey ጥምረት ለመክፈት "የእኔ ኮምፒውተር"መስኮት. በዚህ ደረጃ ጀምሮ (አድራሻ መስክ ውስጥ) አንተ GridinSoft የትሮይ ገዳይ ጣቢያ አድራሻ ማስገባት ይችላሉ እና የእኛን የሚመከር ሶፍትዌር ለማውረድ. ጫን እና ማዘመን, የ ቅኝት ለማስኬድ እና ካገኘው ሁሉንም አደጋዎችን ማስወገድ. ከዚያም Unhider.exe እና restore.exe ተብሎ ሁለት ተጨማሪ ነጻ መተግበሪያዎችን ያውርዱ . እንደሚከተለው የ ውርድ አገናኞች ናቸው:

ሁለቱም ሩጡ እና በእርስዎ ፒሲ አስነሳ. መልካም ዕድል!

ማግኛ ሰር remover ፋይል:

YouTube ላይ ማስወገድ ቪዲዮ:

ማግኛ በእጅ remover ፋይል:

File Recovery ፋይሎች ሰርዝ:
%AppData% Microsoft ኢንተርኔት ኤክስፕሎረር ፈጣን አስነሳ File_Recovery.lnk
%Desktopdir% File_Recovery.lnk
%ፕሮግራሞች% File Recovery ፋይል Recovery.lnk
%ፕሮግራሞች% File Recovery አራግፍ Recovery.lnk ፋይል
%CommonAppData% [rnd_0].exe
%CommonAppData% [rnd_1]
%CommonAppiData% [rnd_1].exe
File Recovery መዝገብ ግቤቶችን ሰርዝ:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[rnd_0].exe %CommonAppData%\[rnd_0].exe
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system\DisableTaskMgr 0

(የተጎበኙ 501 ጊዜ, 1 ጉብኝቶች ዛሬ)

ተዛማጅ ልጥፎች:

6 & Ldquo ላይ ሐሳብ;File Recovery ቫይረስ. ስኬታማ ለማስወገድ.& rdquo;

  1. Thank You…;.this trojan told me my harddrive was failing, my RAM was failing…;.of course it’;s all fake…;once you get online and get the unhider.exe and restore.exe it turns back on…;I recovered everything (pics, ሶፍትዌር, ወዘተ)

    Thanks again…;.