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  1. Alcala says:

    Having just battled this particularly nasty piece of work (Ads By name), I grew increasingly frustrated. I checked my program list with the Control Panel’s Add / Remove Program list and deleted anything suspicious, but the problem persisted.

    I even went through my start up list by typing msconfig in the “search programs and files” located at the start button and I stopped any start up programs or processes that looked fishy. It still threw annoying popups and ads at me.

    I downloaded SEVERAL spyware and adware apps, all of which found things to zap, but the problem persisted so I made sure to delete every program I downloaded (I am suspicious that the only answers given seem to be “Download _x_ program and it will cure all your issues!”)

    Finally, I downloaded the NoScript addon for my Firefox browser, and sure enough, every culprit was listed and easily Identifiable. I had a dozen adware scripts running. I ‘forbid’ all of them, then went through NoScript’s White List (in the options)and what do you know? All the “Ads By name” were gone. All blocked and hidden.

    Somewhere deep in my computer there is malicious malware, but finally with NoScript, I can browse the internet without having to be bothered by it at all, and that’s fine with me. If I can’t see it and it no longer effects my browsing experience I’m happy. So if nothing seems to work for you after downloading any of the dozens of “guaranteed fixes” that come up when you search for a cure, you can always use Firefox browser and get the NoScript addon like I did. It doesn’t fix the problem, but it sure gets rid of all the symptoms.

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