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Hacker broke out Android application for GPS-monitoring and took control over several thousands of cars

Fast&Furious 8, carhacking

Journalists from Vice Motherboard told that hacker, known as L&M, reported them about a crash of nearly 30 000 accounts in two Android-applications for GPS-monitoring: iTrack (7000 accounts) and ProTrack (20 000 accounts). As a result, hacker got not only access to information about cars’ location, but also opportunity to control their functions. For example, he could turn off engines …

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[] fake Adobe Flash Player update alert removal. is a fake alert claiming that your Adobe Flash Player needs some type of upgrade. The technique is that instead of this Adobe Flash Player users might mistakenly download and set up lots of destructive programs. Currently a lot of such undesirable energies are spread by means of these absolutely challenging and illegal alerts that trick users and terrify …

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.ATANUR ransomware decryptor and removal

About .ATANUR .ATANUR is identified by our malware research study group as the new ransomware infection. Some anti-virus programs currently identify it, nevertheless, there are specific applications that bypass it and also therefore allow its breach. Individuals have pertained to calling it that, because of the expansion, it adds at the end of your documents. Allow’s specify. Ransomware tool attack …

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