24/7 PC Guard malware (removal guide)

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24/7 PC Guard stands for another deceptive and fake anti-spyware program that masks its evil plots and hides its real intentions. The hoax has in mind to convince users in the fact that their systems are allegedly in the dangerous condition. Then, on this basis, you will be prompted by the rogue to perform some actions that involve disclosure of your financial information. No doubt, hackers are quite instrumental in inventing new methods of scaring people. Hopefully, you will never be caught on this misleading hook. Therefore, be smart not to let the crooks deceive you and trick you into obeying their deceptive instructions. Also, do not call to any toll free telephone numbers promoted inside of the rogue. In particular, we mean 1-(888) 297-8734 number. This will not make your PC cleaner. The frauds will try to make you buy the junkware program callled 24/7 PC Guard.

24/7 PC Guard

As soon as this rogue anti-virus (24/7 PC Guard) enters your PC it runs the multitude of fake scans of your computer and tells that it is in a dangerous condition. It reports of keyloggers, Trojans, spyware, worms and other forms of security threats. Surely, such information is not true. There are no such problems as those reported by this rogue. This is simply the imitation of some real scan, whereas the troubles stated to be detected are all but fabricated. With this information becoming clear, why do you loiter while removing this scareware from your PC? Surely, getting rid of it must be implemented by your at once, without hesitation.

Here is how you may delete 24/7 PC Guard. First of all, please reboot your system into safe mode with networking. Then, once this is accomplished, please download the legitimate anti-virus GridinSoft Trojan Killer recommended in this blog. As soon as the threats are detected by it, make sure to get rid of them all by deleting (hitting the respective button). Consider installing some powerful anti-virus solution that will protect you in the future from malware aggressions like this rogue.

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