0patch experts fixed one of the holes that legendary SandboxEscaper left in Windows security

0patch experts have released an unofficial patch designed to fix a 0-day vulnerability in Windows 10 affecting Task Scheduler.

An exploit for this security issue was published at the end of May by an extravagant specialist known by the online pseudonym “SandboxEscaper”.

SandboxEscaper demonstrated exploiting this vulnerability with a malicious .JOB file.

According to 0patch experts, only previous versions of schtasks.exe can be used to increase privileges in the system. The current Task Scheduler will require user to modify task file in order to have access to make changes in this file.

«Our analysis revealed that the problem affects only past versions of schtasks.exe. It is possible that older versions of schtasks.exe did not directly call _SchSetRpcSecurity<, but other RPC functions, which led to a call to _SchSetRpcSecurity using RPC», — write 0patch experts.

Researchers released a micropatch that is available for Windows systems running the 0patch Agent.

To install the 0patch Agent you need to register on the official website.

The patch from 0patch is suitable for Windows 10 version 1809 x86, Windows 10 version 1809 x64, Windows Server 2019.

Recall that SandboxEscaper has also published a number of exploits for vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. This time, security concerns affect the Windows component and the Internet Explorer 11 browser.

Source: https://blog.0patch.com

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