Windows 无风险中心删除视频

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Windows 无风险中心 rogue has been amended compared to other similar fake anti-viruses. We’ve noticed that it blocks Task Manager as well as downloads and launching of legitimate security applications. We’ve analyzed this case more thoroughly and came to the following solution on how to bypass these blockages on the part of the malware program. Here is what we recommend if you have difficulties to delete this hoax from your computer:

  1. 通过您的浏览器窗口下载 过程杀手 应用 (pkiller.exe). 下载链接是
  2. 保存"pkiller.exe"到您的桌面, 运行它或立即运行此程序.
  3. Once the malicious process of Windows No-Risk Center has been disabled (终止) 关闭 "pkiller.exe" (过程杀手).
  4. 通过您的浏览器窗口下载 GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手.
  5. 安装, 更新和运行防病毒软件 (Trojan Killer).
  6. 删除扫描过程中检测到的所有威胁.
  7. 重新启动 PC 并在必要情况下重复扫描.

The removal of Windows No-Risk Center in the above-mentioned case is available with the full licensed version of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. If you have any difficulties removing malwares please let us know without delay.

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