Antivirus .NET –; 病毒. 如何删除防病毒. NET 骗局.

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Antivirus .NET is a new family member in the well-spread clan of 防病毒扫描, 防病毒操作 假冒反间谍软件工具. Antivirus .NET generally comes to computers via certain trojan and other system vulnerabilities, 当这个任务终于完成, 你可能甚至不会看到这个. 然而, 稍后你会遇到这种干扰的后果.


The presence of Antivirus .NET on your system may be the cause of some quite reasonable amendments made by such group of malware tools. 首先, 它会通过创建一些注册表项并发明可能大大降低系统性能的文件来改变您的系统. Antivirus .NET modifies your system in such a way that it will be started very soon upon each system restart. Antivirus .NET will start some fake scan process that normally takes place without your command or approval. The scanner will always report some files as malicious ones, 尽管他们很有名望. Later on Antivirus .NET would try to scare you and make you believe you have certain very serious security issues due to supposed presence of many threats on your computer. Upon reporting of many computer risks and security issues Antivirus .NET will initiate many popup alerts that would state you have some serious security problems so that you could finally be convinced to pay for the registered version of this junkware. Antivirus .NET also hijacks your web browser on the compromised machine, that’s why the user is not able to browse the requested web-resources without first surfing some payment pages and false browser warnings of Antivirus .NET.

Antivirus .NET is a very threatening tool that should be removed from any PC by all means. The instructions given below are elaborated especially to help you get rid of Antivirus .NET rogue without any problems. 此补救措施包括手动和自动手动清除指南.

Antivirus .NET automatic remover:

1. 下载最新版本的 GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手清除 (未感染) 计算机并安装.

2. 更新病毒数据库.
3. 复制整个文件夹 "GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手" 到您的跳转驱动器 (记忆棒). 通常它位于以下路径: (c:\程序文件 GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手). "C" 代表计算机的系统磁盘. 系统磁盘的名称, 然而, 可以用其他字母标记.
4. 打开您的跳跃驱动器 (记忆棒). 找到文件夹 "GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手" 有. 打开 , 找到文件名 "trojankiller.exe", 并将其重命名为 "iexplore.exe".
5. 将记忆棒移动到受感染的 PC, 打开 "GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手" 文件夹并运行 iexplore.exe. 选: 复制文件夹 "GridinSoft 特洛伊木马杀手" 从您的跳转驱动器到一些其他文件夹在您的 PC 上创建并运行 "iexplore.exe".

Antivirus .NET manual removal guide:


1. 启动 ie 浏览器, 点击工具菜单, 然后选择互联网选项, 如下图所示:

IE cannot display the web page
IE 无法显示网页

2. 选择 "连接" 选项卡, 现在单击 "Lan 设置" 按钮, 如下面的图像所示:

3. 在 "代理服务器" 部分下, 取消选中 "为 LAN 使用代理服务器" 复选框, 然后按 "确定" 按钮关闭此屏幕:
LAN Settings

Delete Antivirus .NET files
%CommonPrograms%\Antivirus .NET
%CommonDesktop%\Antivirus .NET.lnk
%AppData% [随机]\[随机]affm.exe
Delete Antivirus .NET Registry entries
HKCU\Software\Antivirus .NET
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “;Antivirus .NET”;
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Antivirus .NET
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PhishingFilter “;Enabled”; = “;0;
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “;ProxyServer”; = “;http = 127.0. 0。1:33921;
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings “;ProxyEnable”; = “;1;

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  1. Absolutely excellent file. Removed all the crap trojans and other nonsense bugging my computer. Thank you so much TrojanKiller! Huge relief thanks to you all

  2. the automatic remover worked perfectly for me. if you running windows 7 like i do, you might not see “trojankiller.exe” just trojankiller program file. go ahead and rename it “;iexplore.exe”; 并运行它. it works fine. Thanks a million Trojankiller, i was already going hairless. ;cos its wifey’;s laptop you know what i mean.

  3. I want to thank you for posting this, I turned my computer on to type an essay and my computer FEAKED out telling me that this scan came up with a rediculous amount of viruses that my normal scanner didn’;t find. I went to get rid of the scanner (and remove it from my computer since I didn’;t download it to begin with) and figured out it was a scam when I couldn’;t even find it in my control pannel.

    For a little bit the directions got confusing so I had to do my best and pray that I didn’;t delete any important documents. So far so good!

    I really can’;t thank you enough!

  4. 告诉我如何删除这个程序kompa被骗antivirus.net的. sam mi sie zainstalowal a nie wiem jak go usunac. ja uzywam nada i pier…;. tego oszukanego

  5. ok od poczatku co trzeba zrobic. zaopatrzyc sie w:
    1. program antywirusowy np nod32
    2. program ‘;trojan remover’;
    3. program ‘;netgate registry cleaner’;

    w nodzie skanujemy kompa w poszukiwaniu wirusow. po usunieciu wszystkich uruchamiamy ‘;trojan remover’; a na koniec ‘;natgate registry cleaner’; kompa和重置全乱消失. dzieki mi pomoglo.

  6. j’;essai d’;installer trojan killer mais me le bloke direct je ne c plus rien faire si quelqu’;un pourrai m’;aider

  7. J’;ai le même problème.
    Antivirus.Net me bloque tous les fichiers téléchargés pour supprimer ce virus !

  8. Thank you so much my mates computer system ha this i was about t format it this worked like a charm thanks again