員警中央犯罪股 (PCEU) 勒索去除

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Right now many computers are attacked with a serious ransomware application that locks the entire computer (either laptop or desktop) and asks for the ransom to unlock it. This virus is also known as 大城市員警 騙局. It is said to be allegedly originated by Specialist Crime Directorate of Police Central e-crime Unit (UK’s Metropolitan Police). 然而, this information is totally fake. Metropolitan Police has nothing to do with originating such misleading, deceitful and scary notification. The cyber frauds are indeed very instrumental in inventing new ways of tricking users and prompting them into sharing some of their earnings with crooks. 遺憾, the industry of ransomware-type malwares grows by leaps and bounds, even compared to rogue security software share. 因此, here comes the logical question about successful removal of such malicious tools and lockers. The remedy for successful elimination of this virus problem is available now with the help of GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Simply follow the removal guidelines and principles stipulated below and they will be the good place to recover your PC from 大城市員警 騙局.

Metropolitan Police virus


  1. 去找你的朋友, 親屬或其他人誰擁有互聯網連接的電腦.
  2. 採取您的 USB 快閃磁碟機 / 記憶堅持你.
  3. 從這個網站下載 GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手安裝檔 https://trojan-killer.net/download.php 並保存到您的 USB 快閃磁碟機 / 記憶棒.
  4. 返回受感染的 PC 並插入 USB 磁碟機 / 記憶體粘到各自的 USB 插槽中.
  5. 執行硬重定 (在電腦上按重新開機按鈕) 如果您感染的 PC 已與大城市員警背景. 如果不, 然後簡單地打開你的電腦.
  6. 在啟動過程開始之前, 請在鍵盤上反復點擊 "F8" 按鈕.
  7. 在出現的視窗中選擇 "帶命令提示符的安全模式" 選項並按 Enter 鍵.
  8. 選擇您的作業系統和使用者帳戶感染了都市員警病毒.
  9. 在 cmd.exe 視窗類型 "資源管理器" 並按鍵盤上的 "Enter" 按鈕.
  10. 選擇 "我的電腦" 並選擇 USB 快閃磁碟機 / 記憶棒.
  11. 運行 GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手的安裝檔. 安裝程式並運行掃描. (對於 "帶命令提示符的安全模式" 選項, 程式更新將不起作用)
  12. 當劫機者成功地被禁用 (固定) 由 gridinsoft 特洛伊木馬殺手, 你可以關閉 gridinsoft 特洛伊木馬殺手應用程式.
  13. 在 cmd.exe 視窗類型 "關機/r/t 0" 並按鍵盤上的 "Enter" 按鈕.
  14. 系統重新開機後, 您的電腦將被解鎖, 你將能夠使用它就像在感染前的速度.
  15. 然而, 它是建議你現在更新 GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手, 並再次運行掃描, 以消除感染的來源, 造成大都市員警病毒感染您的 PC.

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  1. Awesome, this is the only solution that worked, had to buy full licence as there was more then one trojan present, was worth the 25 quid though, would have been at least double to take it to a shop.

  2. 大! Too bad the manual didn’;無需購買產品的 t 提, but it worked and I feel a lot safer having it installed anyway. Definitely worth the money.

  3. 任何人都得到了啟動代碼的行車道可以請使用?
    Only want to remove this then i’;m 與它做.


  4. My 8 歲做 web 搜索輸入錯誤的 URL 和我們最後消息上了我們的筆記型電腦. 這是一種解決辦法. 在安全模式中的系統還原, 重新開機, run Trojan-Killer to check you’;我擺脫了它. 已解決的問題. Interesting that I was also using Macaffee and it didn’;接這. 未再使用該! 然而, 除了從他們辛苦賺來的錢分 gullable, 這些白癡得到什麼踢出這樣做的?

  5. Hola 他 instalado 蘇城堡 de instalación de GridinSoft 特洛伊木馬殺手 en mi ordenador que 愛絲 secuestrado por 專科罪首長, y 我骰子 que 我德 - 德阿爾塔佩羅沒有我 lo permite, 我 7 月份 facilitar las condiciones y el codigo, 段 ver si lo puedo solucionar y si 沒有紅外 al tecnico informatico.

  6. 親愛的馬諾,
    我們懇請要求您提交您的請求通過木馬殺手客戶支援系統. 以這種方式提交的門票是最高優先. 提供的連結: http://trojan-killer.net/support/
    若要獲得足夠的援助, 您應填寫表單, 描述您用最小的細節的問題.

  7. Got the met police scam tried safe mode but just reboots so cant run any antimalware program or system restore any ideas…;

  8. 至, 這是一個明確的企圖敲詐, 波蘭國徽,因為它是無冠. 為據稱是沒有內容的許可的情況下下載的刑罰將是 500 ZL, 和底部寫,只有 300 ZL作為首次罰款. 然後信息, 可在世界各地購買優惠券 (波蘭是什麼). 問題解決了發射應急箱,並返回到以前的設置。. 有趣的是, 的NOD也沒有反應

  9. Worked for me, had to buy the full product and my pc did not allow me to connect to the Internet in the ‘;explorer’; 模式建議,並為此產品無法註冊. I had to go into the pc with ‘;regedit’; at the command prompt and then change the shell to ‘;iexplorer’; (as suggested on another site –; that didn’;t 修好它的結束). 購買產品後,我跟著我的確認電子郵件中的鏈接,我下載程序. After running it and deleting viruses.I had to reboot and enter the system under ‘;regedit’; in the command prompt again so I could change the shell back to ‘;Explorer’;. 最後一次重啟後一切正常,我沒更新的建議. 漫長的過程,但它的工作. And mcafee and others didn’;所以它是值得的 t. 謝謝!

  10. 木馬剋星,一旦解決這個問題. I’;我現在有一個略有不同的版本, which won’;別讓我再在安全模式下啟動. 現在仍處於鎖定狀態!

  11. 我這個可怕的麻煩病毒我的電腦上,我認為目前已經有一個多星期,我的電腦一直運行緩慢, 但昨天完全封鎖與白色的屏幕上我的桌面上,然後假專科犯罪首長提醒, 在一個朋友的計算機上做一點研究後,我發現一個簡單而有效的解決方案,以擺脫自己的病毒, 首先我啟動與網絡通過continueously按F8鍵,在安全模式, 然後登錄到自己的用戶名,而不是我選擇管理員帳戶登錄到, 然後,我做了系統還原,恢復我的電腦返回到一個較早的時間,這是一個星期前, 帶回我的桌面上,我是可以下載的反惡意軟件,然後運行一個完整的掃描, 它實際上沒有找到 7 我的電腦受感染的文件, so my advice is to try and do a system restore but don’;在安全模式下,在您自己的使用者帳戶作為病毒 t 啟動仍將阻止您的桌面, 在管理或來賓帳戶啟動, 如果你是成功的做了系統還原,然後聘請合適的反病毒軟件,如木馬剋星刪除所有被感染的文件的痕跡.

  12. 我的NOD32軟件沒有把它撿起來,但我的防火牆不堪重負已經做了系統恢復,我目前掃描它的手指穿過

  13. turtoilial wasnt quite how it was for my computer but still worked. saved me god noes how much to take it to a repair shop. thanks 🙂

  14. This was awesome and took only about 20 minutes from start to finish. I just downloaded it on my PS3 and saved it on a USB stick. Worked a treat!

  15. i start computer and press f8 until window in which i can enter in safe mode is opened and then computer don’;t register what i’;按鍵盤上的 m (enter, arrows), 説明??

    sorry for bad english 😀

  16. Trojan Killer worked a treat. 然而, we needed two computers side by side to follow instructions and download the software. Now set up additional administrator profile to allow backdoor access to infected accounts in future

  17. You worked wonders. The virus even let the webcam take my picture and used it as screen saver. Trojan Killer did it and system restore. 謝謝

  18. This thing seems to have changed/locked my administrator password, but I can log on as a guest (I am writing this now on my guest account which doesn’;似乎不會受到影響) so I downloaded the trojan killer above but it wants my admin. password to run it, and my usual password doesn’;不工作了!

    也, system restore wants my password to proceed, so that’;s out …;. any ideas please?!

  19. I’;我正想這工作,但在選擇"帶命令提示符的安全模式"時, I enter my password and when I look forward for the cmd.exe…; the police thing is there. 任何説明?

  20. went into safe mode chose total recovery and reloaded seems to have worked trojan malaware next on list

  21. 非常好, 謝謝. 在嘗試了其他幾種方式從其他網站, 我試圖木馬剋星,從USB / 閃存驅動器和清零.

  22. 我要如何治療(治愈) 我的電腦
    when I used “;trojan killer”;
    I don’;不知道如何使用

    (遺憾,I don’;t know Enlgish well…; 遺憾)

  23. 我想找到如何治療(治愈) 我的電腦