Windows Malware Sleuth scam uninstall process

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Windows Malware Sleuth comes to your computer like a wolf in the clothes of a sheep. It says that it is the great source of security protection for you and your PC, however, then it opens the doors of your PC for further malware infiltration, making it more and more vulnerable to further virus attacks. Windows Malware Sleuth belongs to the well-established group of malwares which are nowadays very severe in threatening and poisoning thousands if not millions of PCs all over the world. The removal of this scareware is the item number one of your today’s agenda, if you have become one of its victims. The first thing you should realize and be convinced of is that this program brings nothing good for your computer. It is designed to make you the next deceived user who actually effected the payment for nothing. This rogue is the same as Windows Trojans Inspector, the hoax previously reviewed by us.

Fake system scans and bogus virus reports is what accompanies Windows Malware Sleuth. When it gets launched without your authorization at each Windows startup the fictitious system scan is arranged by this rogueware, being finalized with quite a scary report about poor security level of your system. At this point you should be very careful, cause many users tend to trust the information stated by this malware program. Then the rogue would offer them to effect the payment in order to purchase so-called full or commercial version of it, allegedly in order to remove all detected infections. Regretfully, some users have already done such a tragic mistake and they cannot get their money back.

The only right conclusion about this program is as follows – you should treat Windows Malware Sleuth as the misleading scareware tool aiming to steal money from you without rendering any decent security service for your computer. We hope that you will use fair judgment and avoid making any of such serious mistakes of trusting the crooks who developed it. Do not effect the payment for this junkware tool. If you have already done this then immediately dispute the charges via your good bank. Finally, in order to have this hoax removed from your computer please kindly and carefully follow our virus removal guidelines provided in the section below. Good luck to you, and may your PC be safe and entirely virus-free.

Windows Malware Sleuth automatic remover:

Windows Malware Sleuth manual remover:

Delete Windows Malware Sleuth files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Malware Sleuth.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Malware Sleuth.lnk
Delete Windows Malware Sleuth registry entries:

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