Windows Activity Debugger fake antivirus.

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Windows Activity Debugger is a new fake antivirus that can easily fool you into the purchasing of its malicious product. When this rogue penetrates inside your system it begins automatically to scan it and provides you with the results. The results are not so good as you want them to be, of course. Windows Activity Debugger can find a lot of threats inside your system, but you definitely should keep in mind that each of them is totally fake.

That is how Windows Activity Debugger can fool you. It will try to do everything to convince you that its product is the best for your system and you should buy it for the further removal of the threats it supposedly finds in your machine. Do not truct anything it shows you or informas you about. Just ignore everything. All you have to do is to eliminate Windows Activity Debugger from your system as soon as possible. We recommend yuou to do this with the help of our anti-malware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer. This is the program that you can reaaly count on. You can download the program here below.

Do not hesitate to eliminate the virus. If you have some problems with this virus removal process or some other questions, please, write to our Support Team.

Windows Activity Debugger automatic remover:

Similar removal video:

Windows Activity Debugger manual remover:

Delete Windows Activity Debugger files:
%desktopdir%\Windows Activity Debugger.lnk
%commonprograms%\Windows Activity Debugger.lnk
Delete Windows Activity Debugger registry entries:

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  1. Thanks for your software. But Windows Activity Debugger even prevent my browser from access internet. So I am unable to download your software in my affected pc.

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