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GridinSoft Trojan Killer Anti-virüs Laboratuar size e-posta kaçınarak önerir paranızı çalmak için siber suçlular tarafından kullanıldığından. Bu yolu ile UKASH veya Paysafecard fiş kodu e-posta göndermek için acele değil.

Polis virüs bir araya geldi

Metropolitan Police ransomware hijacks the desktop. You see the fake warning alert instead your normal desktop theme. You are accused of visiting the web sites containing pornography, zoophile and child abuse. Some files with elements of violence are allegedly detected on your PC. Some messages with terroristic motives were sent from this computer. You are told that the computer lock is aimed to stop your illegal activity. You should pay 100$ as a fine for this evil activity. Of course it’s scary for a law-binding person to see such notification but in fact it is nothing more as fake warning alert developed by hackers. They are eager to wind you round and rip you off. Instead of wasting your hard-earned you’d rather erase this computer parasite without lingering. You are recommended to pay through UKASH or Paysafecard. You are asked to enter digit codes in the voucher. But if any errors occur you should send the code to this E-mail address –; If you follow all instructions you will end up with wasted money and headache. If you do not relish this prospect you should remove this nasty malware once and for all. The removal guide you will find here

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