Temiz virüs ile dikkatli olun 2011 Program. Yaklaşım olası virüs

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We take this opportunity to seriously draw your attention to the fact that we have been able to identify some sites very close to those spreading AntMalware GO according to their content and design. These sites promote the product called Virus Clear 2011.

VirusClear 2011
VirusClear 2011

Our IT specialists have made attempts to upload this probable scam to test it in order to warn you in advance about it, but there is no such chance yet, since it is common for classic rogue tactics. Diğer bir deyişle, such sites are meant only for acceptance of payments for yet non-existing product. Stay on the alert with such sites and do not tell any private or bank information to them:

  • avhealing.com
  • bebetterav.com
  • avstartpc.com
  • avfreedom.net
  • verygoodav.net
  • The network of suspicious site with suspicious content is rapidly developing now. Most probably all such sites will be connected with Virus Clear 2011 probable fake anti-virus program. At present time fake anti-viruses are quite severe in attacking many PCs worldwide. Therefore you need to be very careful with them. It is quite possible that Virus Clear 2011 may soon appear in the Web, but we warn you to be very careful and not to disclose your personal information to the sites promoting it and not to buy it – before it gets fully clear what it is in reality.

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