Windows Repair – rogue. How to remove Windows Repair virus

It is our duty before our users to tell them of another virus that has just been elaborated by the load of criminals and is now being distributed in the world wide web space. It has the name of Windows Repair. This is beyond any doubt the rogue tool that is arranging bogus PC scanning and claims to be certain excellent analysis and optimization device that shows fictitious data in order to frighten you into believing that there is a serious error with your computer. Windows Repair normally comes inside of PC by means of Trojans that show fake error reports and security notices on the compromized computer. All such warnings tell many untrue things and fairy-tales of some “serious” errors with your computer’s hard drive and then offers you to download and install a device that can allegedly repair your PC and bring it to previous good state. After hitting on of such warning alarms notes Windows Repair will automatically be uploaded and installed onto your system.

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