– fraudulent (fake) site to avoid

System Check virus

System Check fake hard drive defragmenter remains quite persistent nowadays. It attacked many countries worldwide and keeps infecting thousands of PCs all over the world. It gets often spread via fake USPS emails with suspicious attachments containing Trojans and exe-files that, upon execution without user’s consent of their maliciousness, implant the malware program onto the compromised workstation. Sometimes these attachments come as .zip files that, upon extraction and subsequent launching, bring the same hoax onto user’s PC. When it enters your system it messes it up substantially. For example, it hides the majority of files, folders, icons, shortcuts and programs in the Start menu. This is done by adding hidden attribute to the files and relocating them to specially created folder. Then the hoax tells of various fake errors and threats that aren’t inherent to your computer at all. Nevertheless, the malware runs various fake system scans and then reports plenty of fake errors and tells you to buy its licensed version to have them all fixed (repaired). This is the serious mistake to pay for this totally useless software sample. German users should be very careful when they see the fake site that is used as payment processing interface for System Check fake HDD. This fraudulent online platform is known as . This site does not exist in the world wide web, nevertheless, this built-in interface is actively used as the machine to collect funds from unwary users. Therefore, avoid this fake site and ignore the malware’s offers to buy it. If your system has become the victim of System Check infection please follow this guide below to remove it and to restore your missing items.

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System Check virus uses the fake site as the payment processing interface though which it collects money from deceived users. However, such site (such link) does not exist. This is simply the misleading trick applied by criminals in order to make users think that System Check program is a legitimate one. The screenshot depicted below is the form through which the crooks try to collect financial information about your credit/debit card in order to make you share some of your funds with them. What do they offer you? Well, they claim that by purchasing System Check program you are actually buying the great program to assist you in making your PC function much faster. What a bunch of lies indeed! System Check is the malware program designed specifically to prompt users into wasting their money for nothing serious. This virus program reports the errors, bugs and problems that aren’t peculiar to your computer. This is all done in order to scare you into thinking your system is in the desperate condition that requires immediate solution. Well, System Check tells users that it is this solution you’ve been searching during your entire life and finally found it. Then it tells that in order to enjoy the so-called “full functionality” of this malware application one needs to purchase its licensed version. This is a typical scam method, isn’t it?

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