Smart HDD scam. The key to successful removal (video guide)

Smart HDD is surely the scareware that represents danger for your file integrity. In fact, this program ruins your system settings and your personalized (customized) way of arranging computer parameters. The hoax does it by deleting your files, folders, desktop icons, shortcuts, quick launch items and even the list of all programs in the Start menu, leaving just a couple of applications, including its own folders. However, it also creates the backup copy of your data, even though it hides it in a special folder called “smtmp” (that has a hidden attribute). This is another scary method applied by hackers to make you worried for your important information. So, as you see, the fact of presence of this Trojan horse-generated hoax on your machine is not comforting at all. In reality, the scam acts like this – it comes to your PC without approval on your part, it infects it with its malicious files, registry entries and running processes, and, finally, it modifies your PC in a manner that allows it to be launched on your computer automatically each time you switch your PC on. Then the rogue arranges its bogus scan of your system followed by the same misleading and fabricated error reports. The only goal of them is to make you scared for the condition of your computer with such a bountiful untrue information about it status. There are, in fact, plenty of invented problems, errors, bugs and troubles the rogue reports. Nothing, in fact, should be trusted by you if it is reported by this scam.

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Smart HDD – fake hard drive defragmenter. How to remove

Smart HDD virus

We have been able to discover another malware program which should be avoided by all means. It bears the name of Smart HDD. Whenever you see this application in front of your screen you should realize that it brings nothing good to your system. The fruits it bears are the evil ones. The results of its malicious activities are, beyond any doubt, devastating. The plots of it are fraudulent and its developers are the pack of crooks and criminals aiming to become richer by unfair means. So, the main reason why we wrote this post is to warn you of this rogue, lest you purchase it mistakenly. Then, the second goal of this article is to tell you about how this malady behaves and, of course, how to successfully eliminate this type of junk program from your computer. We, of course, really regret if you have become one of its victims. But we also realize that if our users are left without our support we do not fulfill our mission – to help them get rid of viruses. So, please carefully read the rest of this post, and it will guide you through the entire process of removing Smart HDD virus.

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Smart HDD malware. How to uninstall Smart HDD fake system optimizer

We, the team of GridinSoft Software Developers, take this opportunity to draw your attention on recent introduction of new virus. This time it bears the name of Smart HDD (aks SmartHDD). It is a continuation of series of fake system optimizers that are convincingly targeting many computers at this time. Its performance on users’ systems is really destructive, its aims are deceptive and the outcome of its availability on your system can be really unexpected, especially when you postpone its successful deletion. Thus, please have due diligence in taking heed to our story of this malware and the results of its fraudulent activity.

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