Windows Attacks Preventor virus and its removal.

Windows Attacks Preventor

Windows Attacks Preventor is a new virus but with old ‘relatives’. It is a clone of Windows Threats Destroyer, Windows Firewall Constructor, Windows Stability Guard, Windows Basic Antivirus and many others. The virus’ aim is your money. When the rogue penetrates inside your system it automatically begins to scan it. The process of scanning is totally fake. There is no such a program which can scan the system so fast. It is just not how it works. So, if you try to restart your PC it will not help you. Every time you reboot it the virus runs itself and everything begins from the start. The scanning process and the list of threats it supposdely finds in your machine. Plus, if you are sure that you have the best antivirus program in the world, it will not help you either. Hackers have figured out the way how they can overcome your good antiviruses’ protection and penetrate into systems. Windows Attacks Preventor virus tries to scare you into the purchasing of its malicious product. And actually it can do it. So, pay attention to the sites and links you enter and to the programs you work with in the web!

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