secure.file-recovery-software[dot]com – fraudulent site to avoid

File Recovery is a rogue system optimization utility that belongs to fake HDD group of malwares. This nasty pest is malicious and can literally make ruins out of your file system. Even though it bears such a proud name as File Recovery – the hoax literally creates problems of hidden files, missing data, lost pictures, documents, desktop icons, etc. As you see, the works of this program are quite opposite to its name. The software we’re talking about was specifically developed by the group of cyber fraudsters specifically for the purpose of scaring users a lot with the bunch of bogus system errors and other troubles allegedly taking place on your machine. But, in fact, nothing reported by this hazardous application is of the truth. You’re simply being deceived by its various scary yet untrue statements. What is the purpose of them all? Please find the answer to this essential question in the next paragraph.

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