Smart HDD scam. The key to successful removal (video guide)

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Smart HDD is surely the scareware that represents danger for your file integrity. In fact, this program ruins your system settings and your personalized (customized) way of arranging computer parameters. The hoax does it by deleting your files, folders, desktop icons, shortcuts, quick launch items and even the list of all programs in the Start menu, leaving just a couple of applications, including its own folders. However, it also creates the backup copy of your data, even though it hides it in a special folder called “smtmp” (that has a hidden attribute). This is another scary method applied by hackers to make you worried for your important information. So, as you see, the fact of presence of this Trojan horse-generated hoax on your machine is not comforting at all. In reality, the scam acts like this – it comes to your PC without approval on your part, it infects it with its malicious files, registry entries and running processes, and, finally, it modifies your PC in a manner that allows it to be launched on your computer automatically each time you switch your PC on. Then the rogue arranges its bogus scan of your system followed by the same misleading and fabricated error reports. The only goal of them is to make you scared for the condition of your computer with such a bountiful untrue information about it status. There are, in fact, plenty of invented problems, errors, bugs and troubles the rogue reports. Nothing, in fact, should be trusted by you if it is reported by this scam.

If your system has become the dwelling place for Smart HDD rogue don’t hurry up to purchase its licensed version (so-called activation key). This is the waste of your funds and not a reasonable investment of money. First, you must remove this malware immediately. The next challenge is to restore your data that was hidden by it. For this purpose it is recommended that you download, install, update and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer, the application developed to combat the most serious cyber pests, including the ones like Smart HDD. Have a look at this video guide we’ve elaborated recently. Please follow the recommendations contained herein. If you have any problems while deleting this virus please contact us at once, without hesitation, via customer ticket support system. Once again, be careful while implemented the instructions reviewed in the video tutorial. Good luck!

Smart HDD automatic remover:

How to restore your missing data with GridinSoft Trojan Killer:

  1. Click “Tools” menu and select “Restore hidden files” option. Alternatively, you may simply use the hotkey “Ctrl + 4” while GridinSoft Trojan Killer is running.
  2. GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
    GridinSoft Tools to restore hidden files
  3. Click “Yes” in the window that appeared.
  4. Please now restart your PC to apply all changes made.
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9 thoughts on “Smart HDD scam. The key to successful removal (video guide)

  1. I assume the download is to an external drive and then to the infected machine. I can’t access a browser or anything on the infected laptop.

  2. Start the machine with Safe Mode With Networking by tapping F8 on startup. Then you will be able to access the internet (browser).

  3. This just happened to me, but I can’t even get my computer to come back on after I shut it down. Did this virus crash my computer?

  4. I barely use my computer and usually use the same actions daily via for work, checking email, same websites. How did I even get this trojan? Should I be worried about the other computers in my house?

  5. Ma come si può fare per ripristinare i file eliminati da :C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ ?????
    sono rimaste solo le cartelle, senza i collegamenti ad i file !!!

  6. Thanks for the perfect intructions and wonderful video tutorial, but:
    1)The program is not free,
    2)In my case did not recover the Programs menu.

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