Smart Fortress 2012 virus and its removal.

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Smart Fortress 2012 is a new virus which has been spreading all over the world with a great power at present time. This virus is a clone of Smart Protection 2012 virus. So, it has almost the same aims and methods of work. When the virus gets inside your system it automatically begins to scan it and provides you with the list of threats it supposedly finds inside of it. The amount of threats can be different, but it doesn’t matter at all. And you will understand why. When you see the list of threats you automatically begind to look for the program which will be able to help you to delete this malwares from your system. That is why Smart Fortress 2012 can propose itself as the program you need for the successful removal of above-mentioned threats. But if you try to delete them with Smart Fortress 2012 you will be redirected to another page where you can buy its product. Do not do that! The virus will only take your money for its malicious program. That is the main goal of it.

Smart Fortress 2012
Smart Fortress 2012

The one thing you should do is to eliminate the virus from your system as soon as possible. The sooner you do that the sooner you will get your computer’s stablce state back. Until then Smart Fortress 2012 virus will force the system to give you annoying pop-ups and messages about some viruses in your system. Plus, your files and folders can be hidden or blocked. We recommend you to use our anti-spyware program GridinSoft Trojan Killer for the removal. There is a video removal guide which can definitely help you to make the removal process easier. We also recommend you to scan your system from time to time in future just to be sure it is safe and clean of viruses. Do not hesitate to remove the virus from your system. Download Trojan Killer, watch the video removal guide and the virus will be eliminated in no time.

Milestones for successful removal of Smart Fortress 2012 virus:

Click Win+R, enter the following link: in the appeared field, upload PKIller, save it to the desktop, rename it into iexplore.exe, a hit right button of the mouse on the Iexplorer short cut and choose the option RUN AS.

In the appeared Window uncheck the option PROTECT MY COMPUTER AND DATA FROM UNAUTHORIZED PROGRAM ACTIVITY, click OK button.

This procedure will terminate the processes launched by the virus.

If PKiller has fulfilled its job, run GridinSoft Trojan Killer by clicking on its short cut with the right button of the mouse and choose the option RUN AS. In the appeared Window uncheck the option PROTECT MY COMPUTER AND DATA FROM UNAUTHORIZED PROGRAM ACTIVITY, click OK button.

Smart Fortress 2012 video removal guide:

Smart Fortress 2012 virus manual removal:

Smart Fortress 2012 files to be removed:
%UserProfile%\Application Data\[random digits]\[random digits].exe
Smart Fortress 2012 virus registry entries to be removed:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce “[random digits].exe″

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8 thoughts on “Smart Fortress 2012 virus and its removal.

  1. The ACCDFISA Protection Program is a ransomware computer infection that pretends to encrypt your files using AES encryption and then locks you out of the Windows desktop.

  2. hi, my laptop was infected with this smart fortress 2012 on the 15/3/2012.. i put it in my recycle bin and uninstall it.. after that my laptop was running as per normal. is it really gone from my laptop? it is really irritating as it blocked me from accessing the internet even block me from accesssing my own antivirus software.. grr…

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